Author Topic: New Tyros 4 Styles for use on the T1  (Read 523 times)

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New Tyros 4 Styles for use on the T1
« on: May 15, 2017, 05:31:29 AM »
Has anyone converted some of the new T4 styles (That were not on the T1) to work on the T1 and then posted them somewhere on the PSRTutorial site?  If so could you tell me where they are located.

My earlier plan was to try to convert them myself and I got the conversion program with the help of Graham and "Twin Tyros" on the T1 Forum site.  In preparing to do these conversions it occurred to me that someone else must have done that a long time ago and perhaps posted them in PSRTutorial.  Perhaps that's wishful thinking.

The reason I want these is that I would like to share them with my friends that I meet with each week who have the T1 and the PSR3000.