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Tyros 4 sound cuts out, ext seq usb in...
« on: May 15, 2017, 03:17:22 AM »
Hello and thanks for reading.  I'm using a pretty new Win10 PC USB out to T4 (Anniversary edition) USB in, running Vanbasco for midi playback in a one man act. PC runs fine, never loses time or lags... BUT, the Tyros "cuts out" for just a second, but only the XG soundset, not the keyboard tones which are unaffected. Like I said, it doesn't lose time and the PC runs great, it just seems like the sound disappears for approx one second, the reappears as if someone hit a momentary mute button.  Even stranger, I have been using the Tyros in this way for years and it never happened until I tried using more of the the ins and outs so I could run my show without a mixer:

SAME patching as I always use, with no problems:

USB in: from computer
MIDI B in: External MIDI controller/Keytar
L&R main out: to speakers/mixer
Sub 1 Line out: sending "guitar" tones to Boss guitar pedal

NEW patching recently added and seemingly causing issue:

Loop send L+R: single Cable to Voicelive 2 "chord sensing" input
Aux in L and R: two cables coming from Voicelive 2 for vocal input
Mic Input: Processed tones coming back from Boss pedal

I've always used the Sub out to send the guitar tones, but always connecting the Boss output to a mixer, not the Mic input... I didn't think using more audio passageways would cause the dropouts, but I'm just guessing.  Definitely using more processing power I imagine. Any ideas out there?

By the way, I'm new here, and my name is Chris.  Thanks!
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Re: Tyros 4 sound cuts out, ext seq usb in...
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2017, 05:21:05 PM »
Well, I know this was a tough one... I've gone back to using a small mixer, which is easier to work with anyway... never figured out why that happened!