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Not sure how to put this in way one of you can understand what I am trying to say so forgive me if it is jibbrish :)

I have a SL-Acuna 88 key midi controller hooked up to my Tyros 4 and the Acuna is doing it's job as the actual keys for my T4. The Acuna has 4 programmable buttons that I can set to either volume, program, cc91 or cc93. What I notice is that volume is doing what it logically is supposed to be doing. The other three however are a mystery to me.

When I power up my Acuna and without touching anything, the first thing my Tyros does is changing the registration that was loaded to the very first registration in the same folder and switch to the very first registration bank. When I turn the program button on my Acuna to 001 instead of 000 (default) the Tyros changes to bank 2 of the first registration and so on to bank 8 (007) When I turn the prgram button on teh Acuna to 008 and higer (up to 127) nothing happens and I was wondering why it defaults to the very first registration of the folder and is able to change banks of that registration but doesn;t do anything like jumping to the next registration when setting it to 008 or higher?

The CC91 seems to change the reverb value. I don;t even know what the CC93 does since I can't hear any changes while changing values on CC93.

Does anyone know where I can see/set what a program change should alter on my Tyros change or what should change when altering CC91/93 values?

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Re: Midi controller changes registration banks on Tyros 4 and CC stuff
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According to the MIDI standard

CC91 is Ext Effects Depth
CC93 is Chorus Depth

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