Author Topic: Yamaha out of the arranger business?  (Read 4613 times)

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Re: Yamaha out of the arranger business?
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Matt - that seems a reasonable explanation for how the term 'arranger' was adopted to describe an advanced auto accompaniment keyboard. More of an evolution than an attempt to describe what it does.
I know that Workstations evolved as the attempt to replace the multitude of quite expensive equipment needed to produce quality music in a studio with a single 'station' and as technology advanced and came down in cost manufacturers were able to build a lot of this into other keyboards like the PSRs and Tyros. At some point Yamaha quite reasonably decided that the Tyros incorporated so many of the 'workstation' features that it should be also called a 'workstation'.
But there is now so many choices, price points and overlappping features available in keyboards that all that matters is if it does what you need and, as keyboardguy says, the name doesn't really matter.

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Re: Yamaha out of the arranger business?
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Workstation, Arranger, Keyboard - whatever. If it looks like a duck etc.

Remember, Yamaha tried to re-invent the wheel with a name for its' products in the past, when they refused to use or acknowledge the term 'electronic organ' and called them (and still do) an 'Electone'.  :-\

Your comments are obviously based on ignorance of Yamaha's architecture.  The registration memory is the center-piece of the arranger.  While it is most often used by a lot of people as a way to "setup" their keyboard... the intent of this design is to "arrange" a piece of music using styles, Multi Pads, Left and Right Voices, and even song files and audio clips.

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