Author Topic: nice sound , but your drums need to "bang" more!  (Read 854 times)

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nice sound , but your drums need to "bang" more!
« on: April 16, 2017, 04:27:38 PM »
Got this comment from my band last gig... how would you gentlemen and women approach this?. More ways than one....?*Turn up the volume of drums?
*engage the compressor in a certain configuration?
*amplify certain frequencies and apply it to the drumset only, internal?
*on the mixer "external" enhance some frequencies?

Any comments?
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Re: nice sound , but your drums need to "bang" more!
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Turning up the volume may not do the job.  You could try changing the drum kit to some other one that will off more "bang".   If it the Standard Kit try the Power Kit. If it the Dance Kit try the the Analog Kit or T-9 Kit or another.

You can also edit drum notes in Style Creator, but I use the style editing software called StyleMagic because it is a lot easier and you have more access to to various individual drum note parameters like Filter, Resonance, Fine Tune, Note Velocity, AEG Attack and  Decay.  Since Drum note editing is supported in the SInt (initialization measure) only, that means your drum edits will apply to all style Parts... which is what you probably want to do anyway.

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Re: nice sound , but your drums need to "bang" more!
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2017, 03:30:09 AM »
One of the most potent ways to beef up the rhythm (and the Breaks and Fills) is to assign a suitable distortion effect to DSP1. You can try it out for example by turning up the DSP1 setting on the Rhythm in the Style page of Mixing Console to say 64 (for Tyros 4 effects), then scroll through the relevant DSP's to audition them and select which sounds best for your needs. Since I use the Ty5 distortions I am not so familiar with the best to use on Ty4, but from a quick look a selection that seems to have most effect are:
V Distortion Warm or Hard or Hard1
Stereo Distortion Hard
Amp Simulator 1
An extra groove is sometimes added to the rhythm if a Delay is present as with:
Comp+Dist+Delay1 or 2

V DistSoft+Tmp Delay2

There are others you may find in the Ty4 list.
Using some of these effects often brings out extra percussion sounds you may not have heard with the default settings.
Having chosen for the rhythm you might find turning up the DSP1 level on one of the other parts may also have a useful strengthening effect, eg. on the bass, bearing in mind with some voices it could go the wrong way and cause distortion.
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