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Keeping a constant volume when soloing
« on: April 04, 2017, 06:40:17 PM »
Hello from Canada;
   I haven't figured out how to do this, and I will try to describe clearly what I want to do.

Let's assume I'm playing with 3 band members.....a Guitar, Drums, and Bass player.
> I keep my Style set at about 90, and my piano setting at 120. I put this setting on a Reg button.
>Now I want to solo, so I need more volume on the piano, but not on the style..... so I increase the Master volume, so I have louder Piano, but now I have to reduce Style volume. I put this setting on another  Reg button, but I still have to increase the Master volume "on the fly".
>Now I want to go back to the initial setting, but now, again , I have to reduce the Master volume.

I guess it's doable, but it's very 'unreliable' and inconvenient.

Is there a better way around this?

Thanks for any ideas.


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Re: Keeping a constant volume when soloing
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2017, 07:18:55 PM »
I use a foot pedal to control my right hand voice volume.



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Re: Keeping a constant volume when soloing
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2017, 11:35:26 PM »
Have you considered the following?

Set up the Master Volume to the level required for the 'Solo'.

Adjust the style and piano voice levels to suit the solo, and save to a registration memory.

Leaving the Master Volume at that same level, adjust the style, piano and any other part levels to suit the 'normal' (non solo) requirements and save to a different registration memory. This will mean that these levels are now lower than you currently use, but since the Master Volume is higher, you should be able to create the same sound levels relative to each other.

With the Master Volume set at it's new, higher setting,  you can now switch between the two registrations to get the effect that you want, without needing to adjust the Master Volume again.



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Re: Keeping a constant volume when soloing
« Reply #3 on: April 05, 2017, 03:38:10 AM »
Hi Jerry and Ian;
    Thanks for the help on this. Jerry, I have a volume pedal, but you still have to co-ordinate the move to a new registration, and the movement of the pedal, and perhaps I haven't practiced it  enough.... it's still somewhat 'messy'. I'm sure that if you did it often enough, it could become 'seamless'. Thanks.
    Ian, what you have outlined  should work perfectly when I do set volumes with Registrations. Thanks a lot.

   It's interesting that I get these good solutions from Buffalo and Scotland. Jerry, I, and 3 other Rotarians have had season tickets for the Bills since 1981..... go Bills.
   Ian, i have visited Scotland 12 times in the last 18 years; a curling tour of 30 days, and numerous trips to play golf organized by the Rotary Club of St. Andrews.... my favourite place in the world to play golf.

Thanks again guys.


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Re: Keeping a constant volume when soloing
« Reply #4 on: April 05, 2017, 03:47:36 AM »
Hi Larry,
It seems as though you are being forced to alter the master mix because the piano has insufficient oomph available by simply setting the balances up. (120 is so near to maximum of 127 you have nowhere to go.)
So another option would be to tweak the piano so you can use a lower balance/volume for playing with the band. Assuming you are using the ConcertGrand:
1.In Voice Set go to the Common tab and increase the volume from default 108 to 127 (a small effect).
2. In Voice Set Effect Tab scroll to DSP and find the ST 3BAND EQ (Ty4 will have a similar name for it, if not the same-I have Ty5). Now turn on the DSP and Variation panel buttons.
According to my ears the boosted piano sounds at a similar level (to the default with balance 120) with a balance of only about 70, giving you plenty in hand for increasing when soloing. The settings can be saved in a registration (or two if you prefer). There is also the option to have the piano in both R1 & R2 with the different balances set if you prefer. (eg. switch to R2 for soloing and R1 for ensemble.)   
The Mid Gain set by the Variation button is variable up to plus 12 (default is 10 on Ty5) so you can alter eg. if the boost is far too much.

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Re: Keeping a constant volume when soloing
« Reply #5 on: April 05, 2017, 04:02:46 AM »
Hi John;
    Another good suggestion in accomplishing this. I'll try this today.
Thanks very much  to all three of you.