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Yes, the V-Console is very powerful; it gives you A LOT of control over the sounds you use, including fairly deep editing of many parameters.  It also supports key ranges (splits), velocity mapping, octave coupling, and the ability to make Registrations of all of this, for up to 8 additional Parts.  And it integrates (if you want) with Registrations on Tyros, so that Tyros can make V-Console change its registrations "on command", or you can have V-Console change Registrations on Tyros if you want (as you change the Registrations you have on V-Console).  And the interface seems very easy to use, esp. given how many things you can do / modify /specify with V-Console.

I'd say, from using it, that a LOT of thought and work went into it, I can see where it has to cost a good amount, for all the programming efforts and interface work etc. that went into it.  I feel that I've only "scratched the surface" of what V-Console can do.

It should be even better with Genos, since Genos has dedicated DSPs for all the "Song" voices, which is what V-Console uses.  And (maybe) more polyphony.


Yes, if i choose the Genos, V-console will definitely be part of my new setup.
Its good to see that we finally can buy the software without the hardware
It should just run fine on my Microsoft tablet.

So when i use the V-console, i can not play midi songs?
(i can live with that)

Also wondering if i can set up in a way that upper plays what the R1 and R2 play. Lower plays what left plays
and Bass plays what i play on the R3 (which i often use as the top voice to the far left of my keyboard trough 2nd split.
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Re: V console
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Take a Look

I like TyrosMagic's Registration Bank offerings as inspiration to learn a new genre - here's a recent October, 2017 John Beesley Broadway-focused upload:

Hmmm - this is a year's practice!

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Thank you so much, Jim for your very interesting feedback.
It is always very useful and funny for me to learn something.

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Well, I met John Beesley last weekend, what a very helpful and clever man he is. I had a one to one demonstration of V-Console and bought one on the spot. It looks incredible with what it can do and comes with all neccesary cables and connections plus very comprehensive instructions. So far I've connected everything up, set up the MIDI and have been using it with the supplied registrations. I was concerned at first that I wouln't be able to play with the regs I've created over the last 2 years but everything is still working perfectly despite the original TRX MIDI platform having been deleted during set up. I can see just how useful it's going to be with my system when I have time to link it to my own regs. Just being able to split the lower keyboard and use more sounds on the bass pedals is a bonus.
John says it works OK with Genos but he is also working on upgrading it to be completely compatable with the extra reg 2 buttons etc. In the meantime I've got enough to keep me quiet for hours whilst I save up for my Genos.   

If anybody else is considering one as I have been for about a year, I would say go for it, it is straightforward to connect up, easy to set up and logical to use.

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Thank you for the report, Pam.  What a wonderful experience that must have been for you to meet John.  :)
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Pam, thanks for that update.  I've purchased other software from John B and have been very impressed.  I'm glad to hear he is working on upgrading V console for Genos.  With the extra polyphony of Genos it will be very powerful.

Keep saving up for Genos- IMO it is worth every penny for the upgrade, though T5 is an incredible arranger too!