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Hello, all,

Iīm trying to work with Cakewalk Sonar X3 and Tyros 5, downloaded Instrument Definition file available, and indeed it works over midi, changing the patches on the Tyros 5, but after a while, I noticed something strange: It loads the patch, ( An electric piano, for example ), but when it does, Sonar doesnīt load the correspondent default DSP and DSP parameters for that patch. If I turn on Tyros 5 and let it on the first default DSP and tones, when I change patches on Sonar, it doesnīt change the DSP anyway, but if I change it manually on Tyros 5 itself, it changes, but stay there, even if I change to a new patch on Sonar. For example, if DPS applied were an untuned piano, if I change the patch for a guitar on Sonar, it will continue to be an untuned guitar forever, so it doesnīt change DSP accordingly to the default Tyros sounds. Is there any solution ?

Thanks in advance, any help is welcomed

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Instrument definition files are meant to help you select a particular voice or "patch" more easily, without having to know and remember which Bank and Program values select that voice-- but they don't automatically load all of the presets that go with that voice on your keyboard. After you select the desired voice, you must also select whichever DSP types you want to use, and set the various parameters for the voice and DSPs as desired.

If you don't want to have to do all of that manually, then what you might try is save the voice setup on your keyboard to a user voice file, then copy the voice file to a folder on your computer but give it a .MID extension. Then you might be able to import the MIDI messages for the voice into the DAW as a MIDI clip, inserting it at the point where you want to select that voice-- usually at the beginning of a MIDI track, although it could as easily be somewhere in the middle of the track as long as it's before you need to actually start using that voice in the track (for example, if you change from one voice to another partway through the track).
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While recording in Sonar, you can on the fly, change and record setups by pushing a registration button which has the appropriate voice (or numbers of voices in R1, R2 etc if you are recording to more than 1 channel) saved to it. Registrations not only send the voice no. changes but all the settings and DSP's via simple midi and sysex.
Be aware data is only sent:
a)  directly to the Internal Tyros channels that are R1, 2, styles etc. (which then mirror that data, but only if there is a change, to the Sonar channels) and
b) where that data needs to be changed ie. data will not be sent again if it already exists in say R1. Hence if the panel voices (styles etc) are already set up as per some of the registration parameters the data in the Sonar channels may remain incomplete even when you repeatedly push the reg button because no change means no mirroring.

This can result in frustration ensuring the initial channel setup in Sonar is complete if you are unsure what is going on. I used to overcome this by first pushing a registration that  contained parameters and settings that musically I would never want to use to force Tyros to make ALL desired changes when the genuine setup registration is loaded and hence mirror them to the DAW.
Once continuous recording has started with the genuine setup, other registrations can generally be used to change voices, styles etc later in the Song and will be effective without the need for the forcing reg.  to be used.

PS. The onboard midi recorder has no problem setting up voices as required so you could consider recording to that, save as a midi file and import to Sonar if necessary to work on it further.
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Another option with the lower models (PSR-E, for example) is to use the "Send Init" function, which sends all the messages for the keyboard's current setup. I don't think that function is available on the higher models-- which is a shame, because it seems like a useful function to have.

One thing to beware of with the "Send Init" function is that it begins with the "GM System On" and "XG System On" messages, and you wouldn't want those messages to be executed in the middle of a track because they would cause the synth to initialize itself. It's a good idea to include those messages at the very beginning of a track-- on just one track, not every track-- but you definitely don't want to include them elsewhere, so you should delete them where they aren't needed or wanted.
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I was having sort of similar issues when I was only using Sonar X2 to do my MIDI's and very often had to manually insert SYSEX as long as the Great Chinese wall, in order to get something more out of the DSP's. Thankfully that time is gone now, and everything is much easier with MidiWorksYA that I can't praise enough to the creator for creating it. If you really want to get your hands 'dirty' and want to use the full DSP potential of the Tyros with only few mouse clicks, just buy it like I did and you will be amazed how easy you'll get everything working. I still use X2 in some occasions simply because I'm so used to it, and actually there are things that the Sonar is a bit more convenient for.
But if you have to stick using the Sonar only, just make sure you put CC121 in the beginning and at the end in each MIDI channel, that should get rid of any previous setting in the channel.



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You need to use a parameter to fix this issue. You need to use a Function and change the parameter that leave or not the dsp when load a new voice. You need to read the manual to find the parameter. I do not remember where it is.