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Mutually exclusive multipads?
« on: February 27, 2018, 02:21:30 PM »

Years ago, on my PSR-520, a song I was playing required tympani rolls and cymbal crashes, so I just recorded a tympani roll into one multipad, and a cymbal crash into another one; all I had to do during performance was hit pad 1 to start the tympani.  Then, to terminate the tympani roll and do a cymbal crash, I hit pad 2.  Very straightforward, and it actually sounded pretty good.

So far, I cannot find an easy way to do this on the PSR-S950, because the pads can all play at the same time, which is *usually* a feature. :)

Thoughts on how this could be done?  Can one pad contain a stop sysex to turn off other pad(s)?  Is there some way to do this using registrations?  The only way I could think of was to use the audio link feature, since those are mutually exclusive, though that will require me to create some recordings and edit them first using Ardour or Audacity.

(edit: the performance is being done in a band context where the keyboard's clock won't be in sync with the band - no click track - so just recording a crash into the end of the tympani multipad won't be a reliable option)

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Re: Mutually exclusive multipads?
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Itís easy to do with registrations. Simply use the same pad # (eg, pad 1) in both registrations.

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