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PSR-S970/S770/S670 (SFF2) / Re: Dyno Piano Sound ppf
« Last post by Toril S on Today at 09:45:30 AM »
Hello Hans. Yes, the S970 is a fantastic keyboard. Thanks for the piano sounds☺
you have to convert it to ppi format. This is done using the Yamaha Expansion Manager.

With your assistance here I got it done the first time around, so thank you!

Unfortunately, the result isn't what I was hoping for. The samples need some work. The release on all of them is ridiculously short for starters. But. it might make a good rainy day project. :)

thank you very much. I love your technical precise writings.  8)

Yes, it seems fact, that Yamaha tends to leave out details and concentrates on easy usage for performing musicians instead of describing details and opening possibilities for technically skilled people. This is a big contrast to the Korg philosophy, where each DSP program is described in detail and many parameters are open to use.

I like to compare this as Yamaha-to-Korg is as Mac-to-Windows or iOS-to-Android. Everything works well and comfortable, and you don't have to (actually you cannot) bother for details.

Thanks StuartR, that was helpful! Seems, you HAVE to use the Playlists in order to get what you want - functionally spoken...

I already sold my PSR-S950, but I am pretty sure, the currently chosen regbutton in combination with SyncStart=on was saved and popped up again ready to play when it was reloaded.
Genos - General / Re: Why Did I Not Buy A Genos.
« Last post by Robert van Weersch on Today at 07:37:18 AM »
I have to agree with Pianoman that the prices are dropping, at least here in the Netherlands. At introduction, the Genos would cost a whopping EUR 4500, but now it has dropped to EUR 3925 in some stores. Remarkably, no store can actually deliver it, because currently Yamaha has no Genos stock available.
Nice job pj

Forum How To... / Re: Icons Missing
« Last post by Roger Brenizer on Today at 07:10:52 AM »
There are no settings for you to manipulate in your profile, for the "Like" and "Say Thanks" buttons, Janton.  :(

Try using a different browser.  :)
Awesome detective work, Paul! Thanks for the explanation and link to the Sound on Sound article!

I completely agree with your suggestions and questions to Yamaha.

Forum How To... / Icons Missing
« Last post by jm on Today at 06:49:13 AM »
Help Please! I know it is obviously something I have unwittingly managed to do >:(
But I still have no “Say Thanks” or “Like” Icon(s)? I have tried to find this in my profile,
To reinstate them. But I seem to be going from bad to worse😕.
I really would appreciate it if some nice person could fix this for me, or give step by step
Instructions. Sorry to be such a pain!
Kind regards
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: Playing MIDI files on Tyros 5
« Last post by jm on Today at 06:23:29 AM »
Hi Whino, do as Fred says! Providing you have actually copied them?
It will work! 😁.
Have a great day!
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