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PSR-S910/S710 (SFF2) / Re: New GENOS Styles to Super Mega Plus Collection
« Last post by mezzoman51 on January 21, 2022, 09:46:29 PM »
Supplement to the Style Collection.
Everything is new and slightly different styles from Genos, CVP-809, SX900 and SX700 keyboards.
Re-edited for S750(S910). Have a good time!  :)!AtJqjt-U105ArjnQa8rSkuJH8g9e?e=KKpmTn

PSR Tutorial News / PSR Performer Updates
« Last post by Joe W on January 21, 2022, 08:58:52 PM »
I have just completed reviewing and updating all the PSR Performer pages.  In an effort to simplify maintenance, I revised a number of web page filenames as well as folder names used to hold a performer's MP3 files.  In the process, I transferred many PSR Performer pages from the "Current" category to an "Archived Performers" category.  Performers adding music to their pages are in the "Current" category.  If no new songs are added after a couple of years, they move to the "Archived" category.

If a performer has a YouTube page or presence elsewhere on the web, a link is provided in the background information for the performer.  If any performer wants such a link added to their page, just let me know.  There is an indication that a performer has passed away on a number of pages.  If anyone spots other performers in the archive section who are no longer with us, do let me know.

I am in the process of making sure all the links in the alphabetical listings still work.  Once that is done, I need to consider whether it is worthwhile moving "retired" mp3 files from earlier archived performers and thus expanding the number of songs in the alphabetical lists. A number of performers have created original songs.  If I am aware it is an original, it is normally shown with a copyright symbol next to the title.  Should these be included with all the standard songs in the alphabetical list?  Or should I create a separate list of all the original songs by PSR Performers?

I think when the songs are all squared away, I'll take a look at where the lessons can be expanded.  The other project I am considering is creating some kind of database to understand, organize and sort all of those styles that are available.  So, I will have some projects to keep me busy this coming year.
PSR Tutorial News / Re: Where To in 2022?
« Last post by Joe W on January 21, 2022, 08:43:11 PM »
We may not have resolved all the issues for the coming year, but the main question is resolved -- we are going forward for another year.  The web site will stay, the forum will stay.  I do, in fact, use DreamWeaver to maintain the main PSR Tutorial web site.  The forum is based on Simple Machines software and it is managed by Roger and the other moderators.  Because we generate revenue by offering a variety of resource collections, I have not added outside advertisers to the web site or to the forum.  The work done by myself and the moderators is a labor of love rather than a job.

In the last week or two, I have been working to update the PSR Performers section of the PSR Tutorial.  I have moved many Performer pages from the "Current" to the "archived" section.  If a performer has not added any new songs in the past two and a half years, they are moved to the archived section.  I have done a number of things to standardize those pages and minimize any maintenance.  With no new songs being added, they are static pages not requiring upkeep.  If an "archived" performer sends in additional songs, the page can be moved once more to the Current section. 

Reviewing past performers, I was reminded of many old friends.  Some had contributed to the web site over several years.  And, of course, some are, unfortunately, no longer with us.  I have indicated that on pages where I knew a performer had passed away.  If anyone sees archived performers who are deceased, please let me know.  I am inclined to keep those pages up as our tribute to these past performers.

Performer songs are on the performer pages and they allow performers to share their music.  However, if anyone is interested in a particular song, it is not easy to find it on those performer pages.   But there is the alphabetical list of MP3 songs.  My new current project is to make sure that alphabetical list is still there and all the links are correct, particularly since I revised main folder names.

In the previous archived section, performers only had at most 20 songs that remained on their page.  In transferring these new performers, I kept ALL of their songs on their pages.  I'm considering the next step to be adding more MP3s that were earlier retired to the archive performer pages.  That will expand the number of MP3s available in the alphabetical listings.

We have closed off this topic so I will launch a new one on the PSR Performer changes to solicit some feedback and suggestions about how to update and maintain that section.
Genos - General / Re: Let us get real-- for those who question
« Last post by Joe H on January 21, 2022, 07:56:12 PM »
hi Joe... 
 Gulfoss EQ is starting to take some weight off of me as it is an intelligent EQ and acts also like  a muliband as it goes through all of the frequencies adjusting constantly during a song. This is what i have learnt and it sounds great doing the before and after... Any way i will keep plugging on  as i love this challenge.

All the best
John :)  " it certainly keeps your brain active" :P


I find it helpful to take a break for a couple of days, ( my ears can get tired) then come back and listen to the mix again.  Many times I hear things differently that way. It helps me a lot!


Joe H
Yamaha Keyboards - General / Re: Does anyone know about the PSR E-473 Yet.
« Last post by pjd on January 21, 2022, 07:11:58 PM »
As to launch events...  :o :o :o :o :o :o

Casio wins hands down. The live event was well-advertised, well-attended, good natured. It had lively artist demos. Well done.

Yamaha simply posted videos on YouTube. As of this AM, no manuals on the USA site. Crickets. The demo videos are boring and the sounds are uninspiring.

I don't like to slag Yamaha, but maybe they need to concentrate on listening to customers and product development -- not chasing after people about pre-announcement pictures.

Mike Martin and Rich Formidoni (Casio) participate in forums and they clearly read user forums. They probably read this one. (Nice job, guys!)

I've got further thoughts, but I will get slagged if I express them here. I like competition and I wish Yamaha the best.

-- pj
Yamaha Keyboards - General / Re: Does anyone know about the PSR E-473 Yet.
« Last post by pjd on January 21, 2022, 07:01:07 PM »
Well, I'm really interested to hear if the PSR-E473 has convincing Rhodes and Wurlitzer sounds.

Yamaha improved the drawbar organ sounds, giving select EW425 voices percussive click (key noise?) and leakage. As to electric pianos, SArt Lite Harpsichord? Really? Telemann is happy, but not Ray Charles.

I find this fairly boring.

I Strongly agree. We waited for this? Quite a few of the motion effects are in the PSS-A50 -- for $100 USD.

Would like to see pricing than make an assessment about performance per dollar -- customer value. My intuition is giving the edge to Casio at these price points.

-- pj
Yamaha Keyboards - General / Re: Does anyone know about the PSR E-473 Yet.
« Last post by pjd on January 21, 2022, 06:48:52 PM »
It appears to play the lyrics in some sort of pre-programmed arrangement, and indeed, there were several times where it looked like the musician was playing one note, but several words were "sang", while at other times, each press of a key produced a new sung word.  It would seem like if you made a minor mistake while playing that the words could get out of sync with your playing.

The CT has different "modes" for playing lyrics. The Casio approach is not too different than the Yamaha Vocaloid keyboard (VKB-100). It's too hard to select (play) a phoneme with the left hand and a melody note with the right hand in real time. There were some early attempts at this and it wasn't pretty... Pre-canned lyrics are soooo much simpler.

4 octaves

That's the hazard of pre-announcement photo-interpretation. I leave my mistakes on-line in order to maintain my humility. :-)

CT prices

Those are street prices. A certain large retailer has the S500 in stock.

They are both listed... litany

Mike Martin (Casio) posted on the Musicplayer Keyboard forum. They wanted to produce both models and give people a choice. To me, the extra $80 might be worth the novelty and a chance to tear down (screwdriver) the S1000V. He also said that the CT-X series is NOT dead and may be more appropriate for one-person-band.

I think they are building the S-series from the entry-side up. I would expect a future high-end model or two.

Well, I'm really interested to hear if the PSR-E473 has convincing Rhodes and Wurlitzer sounds.

The 61 piano, EP, etc. sounds in the S1 will likely appear in future, upper-end models. Those sounds really caught people's attention on the Keyboard forum. I passed on the S1 since I need more strings, woodwinds, etc. The S500 is an attractive step up.

All the best -- pj
PSR-SX900/SX700/SX600 / Re: Metronome always on (SX900)
« Last post by vilmostkiss on January 21, 2022, 06:47:50 PM »
Hi vilmostkiss,

Welcome to the PSR Tutorial Forum!

Unfortunately, the Metronome On/Off status cannot be saved anywhere.

I would either put the complete drums of the style on the "in-ears" for the drummer or just certain drum instruments, e.g. bass drum, snare and hi-hat. (Besides, I don't think it's very pleasant for a drummer to always have the monotonous Metronome click in his ear... ;) )

Best regards,

Thank you Chris! That was my idea too, if the metronome thing wouldn't work. Although the metronome is assignable to a button, so not too hard to turn on, just easy to forget.
Maybe not too pleasant as you said, but I don't know, a complex drum channel could also bother his playing. We will try!
I say, it wouldn't be a big feature, Yamaha should put an option for constant metronome. Korg's metronome is working nonstop, so I got used to it.
Genos Styles/OTS/Multi Pads / Re: Beatles Styles
« Last post by Rick D. on January 21, 2022, 05:56:49 PM »
Thanks to all that posted these again.

Rick D.
Genos Styles/OTS/Multi Pads / Re: Beatles Styles
« Last post by roltec54 on January 21, 2022, 05:47:15 PM »
Good evening
thank you so much for bringing these BEATLES styles back online
michael (roltec54)
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