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Genos - General / Re: Going to buy Genos next week
« Last post by EileenL on Yesterday at 02:57:14 PM »
Anything here in the UK that is reported to our service department is sent on to the German office where it is then sent to Japan for there engineers and design team to go through and test it. If faults are found then they are put into an update. No one has ever been told the team are to small or to busy. This would almost certainly trigger off sending a letter directly to the bosses.
  As to having lots of screen pushes, the Direct Access Button is one of the most used functions we have. Also the assignable slots and for me a lot quicker to use than on previous keyboards. I also use DSP quite a lot in setting up my registrations when needed.
Yamaha Keyboards - General / Re: Capture styles via audio
« Last post by DrakeM on Yesterday at 01:37:57 PM »
Oh my, I went brain dead on my reply for sure on this one.  :-[
So sorry.

But have you checked for the styles you want at the PRS 2000 style page here:

To download the styles you simply need to CLICK on the words BALLAD, BALLROOM, DANCE, LATIN, ect that you see down the page.

PSR-S970/S770/S670 (SFF2) / Re: S670: How to record short repeatable sequences?
« Last post by DerekA on Yesterday at 12:46:07 PM »
Since I can still return the S670, I will do that. I'll see if the S775 are more suitable for my purpose. Or I'll wait for the successor of the S670, that shouldn't take long. Maybe Yamaha has learned from his competitors :D

I don't think the S775 (or even S975) will give you what you want either.
Genos - General / Re: Going to buy Genos next week
« Last post by valimaties on Yesterday at 09:10:04 AM »
Hi Benoit!

"I'm in" with your almost entirely comment.

Although, I have to "correct" you with Yamaha email. I am the user which received the sad mail, but they did not told me not to send them mail. They said THEY will not send mails to Yamaha development team, as the team is very small and they don't have time to solve all problems, and let them work on it.
If they don't know about every problem, when will they solve them?!  ??? Strange approach of Yamaha Europe team to stop sending mails.

I think if we had a door directly with development team, (like a bugzilla website) it would be a more good approach for both sides...

I hope for a quickly next firmware release, too...

Genos - General / Re: Going to buy Genos next week
« Last post by BenoitM on Yesterday at 08:31:30 AM »
Thanks Vali, you perfectly summarized my thought and frustration with my Genos concerning the Registration & DSP problems !

I agree with Eileen with the fact that we shouldn't ask for *new* functionality  (would be nice from Yamaha, but not in their habits, which is very sad if you that into account the -very- high price tag of the Genos) , that's not what we are asking, we just want *existing* functionality to work as expected, this is a very different thing. (or simply missing 'common sense' functionality, like a good search engine, ability to sort a list, and so on…)

Yamaha is clearly not paying attention to its customers. With the Genos, they wanted to attract a broader audience (edm stuff, more dsp power, etc... there's even a word on this in a Yamaha official brochure...) , but they should acknowledge that this broader audience will not only use the 'plug'n'play' approach that worked for the previous customers…

Don't get me wrong, I love my Genos, its great !  But I see it as a great piece of Hardware controlled by a flawed Software ... There's much much much more possibilites than what is exposed thru the U.I. (for example: the inability to display/edit more than 16 parameters of a DSP is ridiculous, since some DSP have more than 16 parameters !!! why do they artificially restriced us the access to those parameters ???).

The 'playlist' concept is great, but the search functionality is very basic , we can't sort any list... The fact that nice people are creating PC/Mac software to workaround those deficiencies is a big indicator of the Genos Software flaws imho...

Yamaha will probably release a Genos II somewhere around 2020, and I can bet that the Hardware won't be much different (perhaps a multi touch tiltable screen, USB3, Hdmi output, freely rotatable knobs ...) the big difference will be the Software !
They are conscientiously *not* adding the suggested features and leaving some bugs to the existing Genos, just to sell the Genos II in a few years … For big features, I think it's perfectly ok, but for Bug Fixes, it's not very loyal to the customers…  Just have a look at what Korg did for the Pa4x v2.0 ! They reward their loyal customers with free new features (and even new piano sounds !), because they know that the Pa5x (or whatever the name) will add significant new features anyway !

Yamaha did it for the Montage (new Piano sound, new significant features) because they want to attract new customers, but for the Genos they think that most of the people buying it are not very demanding people ('shut up and take my money !' style  ??? ) that's why they are not bothered to leave the bugs uncorrected ...

I even saw a post on a forum about a person that sent email to Yamaha Europe concerning Genos bugs... They responded this : "Please stop sending us email, the Genos Software team is very small, they can't correct all the bugs". I understand this as "Shut up and give us you money for a Genos II"  >:(  ) 

Anyway, I still hope for a v1.4 firmware that would correct the known bugs...


Genos Registrations & Playlist / Re: Registration glitch
« Last post by valimaties on Yesterday at 07:38:49 AM »
Hi Fred and Valimaties,

Yes I do re memorise, but it's a pain.

I only have the one USB under the keyboard, so the registration should find it, especially when I've already loaded it countless times.
I have everything ticked in the memory screen when I save a registration.

It's happened a few times with different registrations. I don't know why.

As Fred said, I think also that is only a user glitch. I didn't encountered errors saving styles in registration memory ever.

Try rememorizes your registration memory with "Style" checked in memory screen and SAVE your registration bank. Change memory bank to other memory bank. Change back to your "problematic" reg bank. Select your registration bank containing your style and verify which style was loaded.

Check your style's name (char map, name length)...

Genos - General / Re: Going to buy Genos next week
« Last post by valimaties on Yesterday at 07:21:45 AM »
Well I for one have not experienced any bugs since the last up date. In my opinion a lot of people are asking for things to be added and that is a totally different matter. Have never had any problems with registrations, Making loading or copying. Every one I have played for just love the sound in produces.

Yes Eileen, probably because, as you said a lot of times, you only open your keyboard and play. There are some other players which extends their needs of sound by adding DSP to their voices. This is a major bug of NOT saving all DSP assigned to a voice in registrations. Maybe, this is an omission of Yamaha's engineers from development team, by not stopping the usage of more than one DSP for one voice in assignment screen. Maybe in their minds, after you set a DSP for a voice, the remaining slots are used for other voices/channels. But this is not how it works right now. You can select all slots available for voices by setting up for one voice. Using this type of setting up DSP, you cannot save modified DSPs into registration memory, as we already know and have been discussed a lot of times on this forum. (bug nr 1)

Using of multiple Kino Strings (Right1 + Right2) it gives you something like overloaded polyphony , which is strange for Genos's polyphony available. (some user of this forum detected this bug - bug nr. 2)

When you open (ie.) Style 1 screen, and you touch the volume slider on touch screen, you have to be very careful where you touch it, because the container itself does not have "two steps" of control it, as it has to be, but have only "one-step". What means that?! It means if a non-selected slider is set on volume 20 (so, somewhere down, lower volume) and you press over the middle of control's height, it will automatically change volume to that position of control. The normal way should be to select it on the first touch and to change volume on the second touch. Which does not happens.
This thing is happening with almost every touch screen control. (Bug nr 3)

If you did not encountered these bugs, what means that?! You have another Genos than us?! :)

I know, for some encountered bug there are workarounds, you will tel me that :) . For example, for bug nr 3 we can use sliders, but this is a workaround. I speak about using touch controls, not mechanics controls. Because there are some of controls on the screen which has not corresponding controls on physical controls (buttons or knobs or sliders).

There are a lot of Yamaha keyboard players In this world. Every player uses its keyboard as he knows and correspondingly with its knowledge. I cannot be limited to something because another user does not use a feature which has bugs, and, of course, he does not know about that bug. That(those) feature(s) should be solved for those users who use it. (DSP bug, in our case, touch screen controls, etc).

I wouldn't call it a chord sequencer, since the request as it's usually made is to arbitrarily loop a section of a MIDI song file, not to record a sequence of chords that will drive an accompaniment or style.

The PSR-E and PSR-S models can do this, EXCEPT they insert a count-in bar before each iteration of the loop.

Eileen has said that the Tyros and Genos can loop part of a song without inserting a count-in bar.

I haven't been able to check on a PSR-E463/PSR-EW410, but the way the A-B Repeat function is described in the Owner's Manual sounds as though the count-in bar is NOT inserted, which-- if that's indeed the case, which I haven't verified yet-- suggests that Yamaha has seen where people have posted about this issue in the past and they've made a change in the A-B Repeat function in response to those posts. It also suggests-- again, if it's indeed the case-- that Yamaha considers the ability to loop part of a MIDI song WITHOUT inserting a count-in bar to be a useful thing.

EDIT: PS -- I would say that the song recorder on the PSR-E models is basically a chord sequencer, at least as far as recording a style is concerned, since the style isn't actually recorded, just the chord changes and section changes. So IF the A-B Repeat function has been changed in the PSR-E463/PSR-EW410 to drop the count-in bar from in front of the looped section, you could record an accompaniment track complete with section changes and chord progressions, then loop a particular chord progression in the manner of a chord sequencer (if I understand what you mean by that term).
PSR-S950/S750/S650 (SFF2) / Re: Casm lenght problems
« Last post by Dick Rector on Yesterday at 05:47:15 AM »
Hi Dick
With Jorgen's program you can put in a new CASM if that is any help. Good that you have backups. I put a surge protector on the main AC to prevent problems it seems to work okay.
Ed B

Thanks for the input Ed,
Yes I do have Jorgens program en started it. It is a bit slow and it changes the styles to SFF1 and takes some other bits and pieces out so I decided to use the backups.
Surge protector is a must on all sensitive electronics, special here in Indonesia. Power fluctuates a lot. I use them always but this lightning was obviously to much.
Problem solved anyway.

Best regards
Hola saludes ayuda tengo una consulta estoy haciendo una secuencia midi pero el tema de la canción repite 3 veces la frase de la melodía para no estar haciendo 3 veces la melodía como puedo pegar y cortar esa frase en otro compás mi piano es un psr s 970

Hello Eduardo, go to Song Creator, and with the tab key move to the channel that has the melody you want to repeat, select the exact location where the melody begins (BAR - BEAT - CLOCK) with the buttons [A] - [B ], after having this location press MULTISELECT, key [J] at the same time you select the B key, to scroll down and shade the previously recorded measures for the melody. Once all the measures have been selected, go to the buttons below the screen and select 7 to copy, immediately select the compass or destination measure to be copied, taking into account the exact location (BAR - BEAT - CLOCK) and press the 8 key to paste. Repeat this operation as many times as necessary until you can create a repetitive pattern of your melody. You can also copy the melody from one channel to another using the MIX function, which is in the CHANNEL tab of the Song Creator, select the channel that has the melody information and then select the destination channel, press copy and that's it . I hope this helps. greetings Hans
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