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PSR-S975/S775 / Re: S975 Mini-Review - Goodness!
« Last post by Joe H on Today at 03:26:16 PM »

Earlier in this thread I was very critical of the S-975's appearance, for which I am now embarrassed.

Today I revisited the store and found it set up in different lighting. What I thought was white lettering was actually attractive gray and the whole impact was improved in the better lighting.

While I was there, a fellow came into the store trying to find a used S-910 for a very special use. So...I sold him my S-910 and bought an S-975.

- Royce

Congratulations on your upgrade Royce!

As some people have already said... we get used to what we have and when we upgrade we are often disappointed in the sound or panel layout or whatever.  But after awhile, we see that Yamaha knows what they are doing (they have been making keyboards for a long time) and the new keyboard starts to grow on us (we get used to the change).

I went from an S910 (nice keyboard) to the S970 (better keyboard) but was not disappointed at all. Once I got used to the dark gray housing, I wouldn't go back to silver for anything. And I love having the expansion capability... but wish there was more.  So I'm waiting for the next PSR to be released, hopefully with 1 gig of memory because I have already used all the S970 expansion memory.

Joe H
PSR-E Series / Re: Finally decided for a PSR E433 (again)
« Last post by pjd on Today at 03:05:14 PM »
Hi --

Unfortunately, I don't have service manuals for the most recent E4xx models. The latest service manual that I have is the E443.

The E423 to E443 use a BA5417 stereo power amplifier. The data sheet is available on-line. Unfortunately, the datasheet does not state "peak" or "RMS". I agree with Bob, however, and it's most likely "peak."

Output from the BA5417 is voltage dependent. Yamaha's design is flexible in this regard. The supply voltage to the BA5417 doesn't come from the voltage regulator which feeds the digital electronics. Instead, the supply voltage is essentially switched between battery or the power adapter.

When running from battery, the BA5417 sees +9V (6 times 1.5V). When running from the power adapter, the BA5417 sees +12V (PA-150). Thus, the audio output is higher when using the PA-150.

This also suggests that a good quality power adapter is important to getting a clean sound.

Hope this helps -- pj

P.S. Wish I had the service manuals for the E453 and later.
PSR-E Series / Re: Finally decided for a PSR E433 (again)
« Last post by AnupamEnosh on Today at 03:00:51 PM »
Well there is no typo ma'am.
Thanks for the explanation.
Genos - General / Re: Bad quality of the materials of the Genos.
« Last post by Kytrinh on Today at 02:59:06 PM »
The way i see it is...the more battered and bruised my Genos is, the more money I'll be making -:)
regarding the black color . . . 
well, I certainly knew Genos was black before I bought it . . . . so, it was a free election. ...

...Like for my father when when buying a Ford in the early 1900s.   "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black."   
As to Genos YES the "election"  was free, as to color it was "freedom" as defined by Ford or Brezhnev.   :) ;) I prefer the color and  carefree finish of the Tyros,  but that is of no real importance. the 5700 i still have is black and so were all the Technics keyboards I had. But we are taking only  about colors and this thread is about  "Bad quality of materials". As stated earlier "I so far have had no problems with the materials" which in my wife's view is a very obnoxious way to put it: I always say, "As to your looks I have never been able to find anything to criticize." It makes her very angry.


PSR-E Series / Re: Finally decided for a PSR E433 (again)
« Last post by mikf on Today at 02:07:24 PM »
Adaptors convert the power supply to the correct voltage for the device, not the power used. The device draws the current it needs, when the supply voltage is correct, (power is volts times current). If the appliance draws too much current, the adaptor or wiring may burn out if it is not rated high enough. But when the current is small and similar in both, there is no reason the same adaptor would not work.
PSR-E Series / Re: Finally decided for a PSR E433 (again)
« Last post by vbdx66 on Today at 01:52:55 PM »
Hi AnupamEnosh,

Thanks for your input.

I assume there is a typo in your last sentence, which should probably read ‘So is that the reason, why E453 consumes more power over E433?’.

Best Regards,

PSR-E Series / Re: Finally decided for a PSR E433 (again)
« Last post by AnupamEnosh on Today at 01:45:39 PM »
While we are focusing on this topic, I went to refer the manual of both E433 & E453. Now I got some questions in my mind,
1. if the PA150 adaptor is the same rated adaptor, how can it supply different power to different KBs, and if it does, then the power rating is flexible ? And,
2. There are actually four speakers in E433, while the E453 has only two speakers with Bass reflex feature. If in E433, the 2.5W+2.5W output is for four speakers, that consumes 16W, then in E453, the 6W+6W output is reflected through only two speakers, in other words more or less the same output, as Vinciane said ? So is that the reason, why E433 consumes more power over E453 ?
Genos - General / Re: No Tilt Display! why not Tilt the Genos?
« Last post by gerard on Today at 01:43:30 PM »
I took a small cardboard box, cut off one side, then cut all sides to lower it, faced the opening to me, and works perfect in the sun.
I may spray paint it black to look better.

Genos - General / Re: No Tilt Display! why not Tilt the Genos?
« Last post by DerekA on Today at 12:56:52 PM »
I've just moved up to the Tyros 5, and I really like the tilting screen. Even though the screen layout is the same as the S770 it's much easier to use along with the sliders.
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