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Genos - General / Re: Connecting external monitor to Genos
« Last post by sjn2048 on Yesterday at 08:51:31 PM »

So I went ahead and bought the iTec Trio USB2 adaptor, plugged it into the Genos and connected via HDMI male to male cable to my Sony TV.

The Genos recognised the adaptor and offers me the display options as discussed above, which I configured to mirror Genos display BUT I don’t get any video output to the TV (Which is switched to the correct HDMI input channel).

An I right in thinking that the Genos will only provide a VGA signal out of the iTec Trio adaptor?


Hi David

thanks for your detailed Feedback! :)

I'm glad that it works now!

Best regards,
Yamaha Keyboards - General / Re: Capture styles via audio
« Last post by boowho on Yesterday at 08:21:18 PM »
Thanks for the responses.  First, my unit is clearly a 500;  NOT a 550.   Unfortunately there are PROBABLY differences in the styles.  Yamaha is good about doing that......

However, I will check the link you provided.  I find it interesting that MY PSR500 manual specifically states that style data is NOT output at the MIDI ports; just the opposite of what you say.

But thanks anyhow.


Oops!!  I missed the part of your message about the ROM'S NOT being encrypted.  A number of years ago I bought the schematics for the 500, un-soldered the style chip and read out the contents. They may not have been encrypted, but CERTAINLY compressed using an algorithm unknown to me.   I discovered this by trying to compress the ROM contents with a ZIP file creator and then output data was only a couple of bytes smaller;  a sure sign that the ROM contents were already compressed.

It almost makes me wonder if we are talking about the same keyboard   Mine is a PSR500  (about 25-30 years ago vintage)
PSR-S970/S770/S670 (SFF2) / Re: S670: How to record short repeatable sequences?
« Last post by panos on Yesterday at 07:43:10 PM »
Here is an example of what Tom wants to do:

You can hear the style playing with chords for just one time.
Now lets say we want to repeat this chord progression without keep recording the same pattern over and over again.
It is something that people do in DAW's in order to save time.
Copy and paste the same pattern and add new ones where is needed.
Genos Registrations & Playlist / Re: Registration glitch
« Last post by Fred Smith on Yesterday at 07:42:18 PM »
When a registration doesn’t load a style, it’s because it can’t find it.

When this happens just re-memorize it.

Thanks again for all the advice, you all are great  :)

This is what I read in his initial post

My use case is so simple: I want to record four or eight bars of accompaniment, run it as an endless loop and then improvise to it.

Yes, a chord sequencer would do the trick but no point in dreaming Yamaha hasn’t got one,
The next best thing is a style part.

Please excuse me if I haven't explained this clearly. English is not my native language.

I don't want to create or record a style. I simply want to play the accompaniment and record it as a short song and then play it as a loop.

For testing purposes, I have created a 4 bar chord sequence in Ableton Live with an exact beginning and end. Then I imported the resulting MIDI file into the S670. When I now set Song Repeat to SINGLE, I hear the gap between the repetitions again. So it's definitely not my timing, the S670 just needs a short pause (approx. 2 sec.) between the repetitions.

Soon I will try the S775. It doesn't seem to work with repeating there either, but at least I should be able to enter chord sequences very quickly via Step Record.
Genos - General / Going to buy Genos next week
« Last post by melokeyz on Yesterday at 06:08:59 PM »
Hello Friends,

Finally, I got the budget to buy this beast next week. I've been watching YT videos of Genos for 7 months. So far, the voices and styles are amazing. The only downside is the PRICE even though I am going to buy it.

I want from Genos owners here to tell me how good, how bad, how stable and lots of other hows, is the Genos?

Before Genos, I considered the Korg PA4X but believe it or not ! it is the same price as Genos here in my country. Customs and taxes raised its net price into almost the same price as Genos, although it should be 1500 bucks less. I wanted the Korg for its extensive on-board editing capabilities. However, it is not a huge problem now because maybe next year I'll get Korg Kronos workstation which is the king of editing.

Now, I want to collect valuable advises about the Genos.

And thanks for your support in advanced.
Genos - General / Re: What (volume) foot pedal are you using with your Genos?
« Last post by ugawoga on Yesterday at 05:49:47 PM »
I just use one footpedal for Bending guitars  etc and another for fills mainly
All depends how difficult it is to get your hands free for a button or knob.
I do think Intros and endings are ok to press the button for as  that would take a little weight off players who play live and have to play loads of tunes.
It is quite easy to play them as well.
Yes it is difficult sometimes being a Don partridge one man band as you need ten pairs of hands sometimes, but it is hard practice that gets you there.
I would not let people put you off as connecting gear and rearranging is always ongoing and problems always seem to occur.
We all are looking for that perfect studio and I hate crawling under the desk sorting things out as I get the sciatica going again ;D :P :-X.
My next problem is another £85 for Cubase 10. It never stops. Also I would like one of those seeboards with the squidgy keys at some point
Santa baby I want it all and I want it now. "where have I heard that line before"!!!!

All the Best
PSR-E Series / Re: Update on the competition -- Casio CTX-700
« Last post by 2112 on Yesterday at 05:43:40 PM »
Update : Here is a video from, they post legit good reviews.
Thank you very much for recommending that site. They keyboard demonstration guy really tries to show the available functionality. Despite being a competent musician he's not ashamed to make intentional mistakes to properly demonstrate the learning features.
Yamaha Keyboards - General / Re: Capture styles via audio
« Last post by 2112 on Yesterday at 05:33:55 PM »
You must have changed something in the FUNCTION settings and forgot about it. The accompaniment definitely can be recorded from the MIDI output.

I opened the manual and it clearly states all the default settings:
Off Nothing is transmitted.
R1Right-hand keyboard playing* (VOICE R1)**
R2 Right-hand keyboard playing* (VOICE R2)**
L Left-hand keyboard playing* (VOICE L)**
Upper Right-hand keyboard playing*
(Outputs MIDI note data normally as explained on page 29.)
Lower Left-hand keyboard playing* with Auto Accompaniment ON
(Outputs MIDI note data normally as explained on page 29.)
RhM Auto Accompaniment RHYTHM MAIN track
RhS Auto Accompaniment RHYTHM SUB track
Bas Auto Accompaniment BASS track
Cd1 Auto Accompaniment CHORD1 track
Cd2 Auto Accompaniment CHORD2 track
Pad Auto Accompaniment PAD track
Ph1 Auto Accompaniment PHRASE1 track
Ph2 Auto Accompaniment PHRASE2 track
• The initial default channel track settings are:
• Ch. 1 = R1
• Ch. 2  = R2
• Ch. 3  = L
• Ch. 4  = Off
• Ch. 5  = Off
• Ch. 6  = Off
• Ch. 7  = Off
• Ch. 8  = Off
• Ch. 9  = RhS
• Ch. 10  = RhM
• Ch. 11  = Bas
• Ch. 12  = Cd1
• Ch. 13  = Cd2
• Ch. 14  = Pad
• Ch. 15  = Ph1
• Ch. 16  = Ph2
If your PSR-500 is dying and unplayable then your best bet is get the main electronic board to somebody with basic electronics knowledge. The styles are stored in the Flash ROM chips that are easily readable and not encrypted. They are essentially MIDI files with some additional notation chunks; documentation in available on the net, just not from Yamaha.

Edit: Fixed the formatting.
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