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Genos - General / Re: Classical Magic Registrations: Bee Software
« Last post by AlBags on Today at 12:45:29 AM »

I use this set of regs. which I used on my T5. They dont seem to have a revoiced set for Genos, but they work brilliantly (tho some of the settings in the reg. might need changing to suit ones taste (like the  LH accompaniment stop button .. never got on with it)
The regs are full sounding. Always pich one of their regs for classical playing.

My position is that AWM2 is used in all current mid-/high-end arangers as well as sample-based synths.

My position is that it's too difficult for me to believe that Yamaha would fail to call it "AWM2" in the specs for their arrangers if that's in fact what it is, especially since they're so careful to say "AWM2" in the specs for their synths. I don't know-- maybe Yamaha's Arranger Marketing Department is just too lazy to type the "2" on the end; but I have too much trouble believing that such is the case. :)
Genos - General / Re: Genos EQ
« Last post by ugawoga on Today at 12:34:38 AM »
Hi Lee
I do tighten things up In Cubase like note lengths or a .
I an learning Cubase now.
I read about this gain staging which is important and tried it out.
I did all I could and the recording later was still miles under a recorded Cd  level
I tried lowering all to -12 db for so called headroom
In the end I had trouble getting It up ;D and when I did  the Jarre version of Oxygene 8 blasted my head off and my recording sounded puny up against that.
I should of thought not too much needs doing to a good finished song from the Genos,but I was wrong with the way I went about the recording
IIt is taking time to get used to Cubase ,but It never falls over.
I can edit and us an eq , but I have to understand limiters , compression, clipers etc a little more. also this gain staging.I got something wrong on my last effort.

all the Best
john :)
Genos - General / Re: transfer global settings from Genos1 to Genos2 ?
« Last post by AlBags on Today at 12:03:31 AM »

Genos really ought to have a 'user setup export' option to usb.
That would also be a backup, and on loading INTO an instrument, it could ask to 'save the present user file'

Yamaha could maybe be lobbied to add the feature.
We can do this with our laptops, routers, etc, why not our advanced keyboards?
Genos - General / Re: Genos EQ
« Last post by Lee Batchelor on Today at 12:02:10 AM »
John, assuming you're recording into Cubase, I always record everything flat from the keyboard. Some of the Genos effects are much nicer than those found in Cubase, but there's tighter adjustments in Cubase than with the Genos.

To achieve the -3 dB level, I use a combination of the Genos Master volume (usually around 2:30 on the dial) and the Gain pot on my sound interface, which is the Steinberg UR-44.
Genos - General / Re: Next YEM update request-YAMAHA please
« Last post by AlBags on Yesterday at 11:59:56 PM »

Hi Paul ..

Yes, but Metcam is just referring to the YEM, I believe. It too could have a vastly improved interface.
The Genos screen is another matter, and TBH, I would have expected more when one compares the screen res and quality on larger smartphones, for instance.
I would hope for a lot better on 2nd Generation Genos. With the tech now, the res ought to be 3 or 4 times the present screen. HDMi is way to go tho I think .. and at least level 2.1 spec. (2017) Carries everything .. ethernet, audio amp return, multi channel sound, and now up to 10K display res.
DVI is old hat now. Too restrictive.


Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: Live Stream Editing the Custom Voice for Tyros 5.
« Last post by pjd on Yesterday at 11:37:46 PM »
Hi Michael --

I agree that AWM (v1) is not the same as AWM2. AWM is ancient and is covered by its own set of (fairly old) patents.

I guess we will have to agree to disagree on the latter point. My position is that AWM2 is used in all current mid-/high-end arangers as well as sample-based synths.

It's OK to disagree!  :)  :)  :) I completely respect and enoy your comments and analysis.

-- pj
Genos - General / Re: Genos EQ
« Last post by ugawoga on Yesterday at 11:19:14 PM »
Hi Gary
I do know what you mean,but you do know what I really mean.
I am fighting to get the warmth and quality plus a good level of sound.
I am not worried about 0 db ,but -3db is what I want.
I am now trying out different Eq on the Genos and will eventually get that sound I crave for as it is there on the quality of speakers I have.
Those kick drums on the Genos are over the top and before making a song I peg them back a little.
Panning sounds also puts the quality up a little, but I like to get that stereo that goes over your head In diferent places.
There are some clever mixers out there which leave a lot of us for dust.
Oh well keep trying!! :)
Be nice If Yamaha would do a mixing course for numpties from start to finish on the Genos.
It would be better than all the save this and save that stuff
Years ago I had a Disco and used an eq for different halls and that was easy, but this is a different ball game.
You can study all the videos you like,,but getting the Genos right is quite difficult. That is how It seems to me at the moment.
One day things sound ok and another not so good, or is It the mood you are In. who knows!! ::)
I do know that I will eventually overcome this. ;)

all the best

all the best
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: Live Stream Editing the Custom Voice for Tyros 5.
« Last post by SeaGtGruff on Yesterday at 11:06:19 PM »
We had some discussion about AWM versus AWM2 in another thread. From what I'd read on Yamaha's site, I'm pretty sure that AWM2 is not the same as AWM. They are basically the same, but AWM2 is AWM with something else added and/or something done a bit differently-- the details are unclear.

As for "laziness" in whether someone at Yamaha says "AWM" or "AWM2," I suspect this merely refers to the difference in saying-- to use another technology as an example-- VST versus VST2 versus VST3. VST2 and VST3 are both VST, but they are not the same as each other, nor are they the same as VST1. Basically the same, yes; exactly the same, no. Or to use another example, just because it's okay to say that a collie is a dog and a chihuahua is a dog, does not mean that a collie and a chihuahua are the same.

Anyway, whatever the specific differences are between AWM (or "AWM1" if you will) and AWM2, according to the specs on Yamaha's web site AWM (with or without stereo-sampled sounds) is used in the arrangers and AWM2 is used in the synths. You can agree to disagree, but unless you're an engineer from Yamaha who's intimately familiar with the technical details of AWM2 and are authorized by Yamaha to explain those details, you aren't going to convince me otherwise. And since I'm not an engineer from Yamaha, either, I realize that I'm not going to convince you otherwise. ;)
Genos - General / Re: Genos EQ
« Last post by ugawoga on Yesterday at 11:05:23 PM »
I agree Lee headphones are not ideal for a finished sound.
what i am trying to say is ---

Does the settings you use, eq and master on the Genos affect the audio recording.
If you have the settings done in a certain way does it affect the gain

I find it is harder to get a low recording up to a reasonable  -3db loudness and quality.
Nothing like a cd loudness and quality.
I had used the Audacity Limiter and amplify to get the sound up to a good level for soundcloud.
I am not the best at this game by a mile yet, but the playing is easier.
I will keep going at it.
I have scrapped  oxygene 8 thre times now as i do not get the results i want .So i Start againand try to learn from mistakes .
It Is a long winded business this.
I wished I had a magic wand or one of them Mushrooms!! ;D

All the Best
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