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I put this up before
Itís for PSR to SongBook on my IPad Pro

It may be of help to you

I havenít the song midi file with me at the moment
Maybe someone else will send you the file
Itís easy to make the Song midi on your own if you understand the keyboards.

Hope it helps

Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: Connecting Midi keyboards.
« Last post by Alan E on Today at 03:36:36 PM »
Thanks guys for replying but sadly I think you have both confirmed something I already knew. Now, must practise on a faster arm movement.

Thanks again.

Alan   :( :( :(
To my ears the Live! Grand Piano sounds better than the regular Grand Piano, I find that the sample is purer, clearer and witless less noise (less muddy).
Yes Ma'am, I quoted the default Grand Piano sample of E463, which sounds harsh to me.

The Live Grand Piano has not so harsh tingling sound, and it is somewhat better, but I wish it could be more refined than the sample in E463.  :)
Genos - General / Re: Weird characters in Style names etc.
« Last post by jimlaing on Today at 02:03:08 PM »
I heard back from Yamaha this week, so I sent them my screen shots.  If you have put a note into Yamaha as well, they ought to really look into this.  Some data is getting corrupted somehow!  Luckily it does not seem to affect function/playing of the Genos ...

Genos Recording & Song Player / Re: Cd.g files
« Last post by zionip on Today at 01:49:53 PM »
At the current firmware version 1.30, Genos hangs every time when playing CDG files with external monitor attached.  You must power down Genos, disconnect the USB 2.0 to VGA/DVI/HDMI video adapter, then power it back on before you can play CDG files properly on Genos.

Without external display, my Genos plays CDG files without issues.

That's a drawback of this simple type of sampling-- the sample playback is sped up or slowed down to get different frequencies.
Hi Folks,

I see lots of other keyboards apparently able to do this but after much consultation with OnSong and Bandhelper it appears the PSR sends spurious and/or incorrect MIDI message (by wire or with the Yamaha MIDI WiFi.

Has anyone gotten a PSR-970S registration file to correctly select via MIDI a song in either of these apps set lists?

Am I correct in assuming that, again, unlike a lot of keyboards, it's not possible to select a registration from an iPad MIDI message on the PSR-970.

I'd cheerfully pay anyone who could help me get this set up if it is possible either way.

Genos Recording & Song Player / Cd.g files
« Last post by raywil77 on Today at 10:31:08 AM »
Sorted the mp3 files they are ok, but the karaoke files which are cd+g files wonít play properly on this keyboard anybody else had the same problem
Hi Depo

You must remember that the keyboard is simply a computer that reads instructions.  It has no intelligence of it's own. So think about what you want to do step by step then tell the KB in very simple terms. Miss a step out and the KB will not function correctly.

You want to have 10 different songs in the playlist, and when you select one of the entries you want it to load the correct registration and start playing the style you have selected for the song.

Lets assume you want to call the songs -- Song 1 - 10 but the registration bank that you want to load is all the same i.e. Reunion 1.  But for song 3 you want it to start with Registration button 3.  Simple.

Start with a new playlist and give it a name.
Now load the 10 registrations you want -- in your case it will be the same registration (Reunion1) so load the registration 10 Times.
Remember that when adding a registration to the playlist the KB defaults to using the Reg Name as the entry on the playlist. You can change this later.
Now EDIT the playlist and rename each of the entries to match the name of the song.
now go back to EDIT and select which Reg Button you want the thing to start with.  You can then select "Score", "Lyrics" or "Text"  that will load at the same time.
Now repeat the steps ten times one for each song title.


Good video!  Though I think the owners of the PSR-S975 might have something to say about his claim that the PSR-EW410 is the "flagship of all PSR keyboards"!

I like how he was using the live control knobs -- presumably the filtering -- to emulate organ drawbars, enhancing the sound as he was playing.

I do have a concern about the sampling, however.  After he sampled that guitar, when he played the low note, there was a very noticeable delay between the time he hit the key and the time the keyboard played the sound.  You'd think that the sampler would do something to eliminate dead silence at the beginning of the note.  And while we've seen this sampler demonstrated in a few videos now, it would be nice to see it demo'ed with a musical sound and the keyboard player seriously playing some music, with chords, on it.  All I've seen are "parlor tricks" where someone saying a word is recorded and played throughout the keyboard for comical sounds, or this video where just a few notes are played after the sampling is done.  Let's see some sampled orchestra or choir sounds to see if we can get more realistic sounds of those types using this feature!
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