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Genos YEM & Expansion Packs / Re: Metal Guitars for Genos
« Last post by deepsae48 on Today at 03:03:42 PM »
 Thanh you very much for gift
Genos - General / Re: EMC Styleworks
« Last post by ugawoga on Today at 03:00:40 PM »
Hi Lee

My windows 10 machine is updated to 1803
Some people have been downloading the 1809 update which has been deleting peoples files
By waiting for automatic updates Microsoft will only give you 1809 when all sorted out

Hi Joe

I do prefer EMC Yamaha stylworks as you can load In a midifile and select the number of bars for each section eg, Into , 1,2,3,and 4 main and also break and ending.

after that you only have to get the right key and save. You do get a few glitches now and then ,but it is so eay to use. I have yet to try the new update as I have just come back off a cruise. I already have EMC Styleworks and the update is free.

With Midisoft Yamaha Style maker you have to put markers in and then shift a load of notes to the right key and understanding the boken english video is a pain It is all clicks and sexy  instead of section.
It does seem long winded to get results. With Emc you stick the bar lengths in and get the key by a few note shifts globally and you are away. You can always add your own parts afterwards if you wish but It gets the basics done quickly.
When i get over the depression of endng a holiday and shaking off a bad cold i will get back to work.

All the best
john :P

Genos YEM & Expansion Packs / Metal Guitars for Genos
« Last post by Francesco Massa on Today at 02:56:44 PM »
Hi everyone,
this is my collection of 10 electric guitars good for hard rock and metal. I tried to manage all RealDistortion DSP parameters to get the best sounding result.
This pack MAY work on Tyros5 (and maybe on some PSR S-Series), but not properly, because some voice / DSP won't be available as exclusive of Genos.

Best regards

Genos YEM & Expansion Packs / Re: Soundtrack Pack for Genos
« Last post by soundphase on Today at 01:55:02 PM »
It's very interesting to consider that is the first pack dedicated to music composers (mainly for Epic movies). The initiative is good even if it's a bit difficult to use the pack content for a generic usage.

It's a direct concurrent for dedicated VST packs.

Sound and styles are very good, they didn't take a lot of memory and the pack is free !!!!!

Thank you very much.

Genos - General / Re: EMC Styleworks
« Last post by Lee Batchelor on Today at 01:07:41 PM »
Thanks Vali :).
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: AudioStyle from Usb pen - How to
« Last post by valio7771 on Today at 12:36:11 PM »
Hi, and thank you for sharing the knowledge.

So you can actually edit and use the audiostyle afterwards in Tyros 5?
It looks a bit too much of a 'fight' to do make it work. So, can you please explain in plain language, what exactly could be the benefit and the practical use of this feature?
Are those AFil's individual drum waveforms, or any other non harmonic samples that won't be affected on chord changes, for example....Hi-hats, Snare drums, Bass drums, random FX sounds, etc... that you can rearrange and build any sort of genre/style, or they are/have to be entire recording of a particular style (Rock, Reggae, Ballad...etc), sort of "audio loops"?

Thank you in advance!


Genos Styles/OTS/Multi Pads / Re: Midifile to style - Genos
« Last post by Gunnar Jonny on Today at 11:04:30 AM »
Vali, you can report the bug to Klaus, he will probably apreciate it, and fix it if possible.
Genos Styles/OTS/Multi Pads / Re: Midifile to style - Genos
« Last post by valimaties on Today at 09:59:40 AM »
Yes, it is running (with bugs...)... the last Yamaha keyboard for SFF2 is still Tyros 4.

I have checked some of parameters, and it not read correctly (ie: KeyMap read incorrect in CASM section)
As a bug, the Style window closed unexpectedly when I changed from SFF to SFF2.

PS: Sorry for off-topic :) .

Will some of the voices work on the Tyros5?


Unfortunately, no, because:
1. I've used voices & DSP that are on Genos only (like Kino Strings);
2. Voices with the same name on Tyros5 have been resampled on Genos (like Acoustic Bass and a lot of GM voices as Shamisen, Koto, English Horn, Violin, Flute, etc.), so they would probably sound different on previous Tyros series.


Will some of the voices work on the Tyros5?

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