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Tyros 5 (SFF2) / How to apply the 'old' Icons to styles with my T5
« Last post by chesterkins on Today at 07:08:20 AM »
I have downloaded the pdf with all the old Icons from T4 etc
Can someone explain step by step how I apply these older Icons to styles now
I presume I must do it on the PC but would appreciate know how
Clavinova CVP Digital Pianos / Re: Saving Registrations on a CVP 709
« Last post by Acr on Today at 06:34:58 AM »
That's been a great help. I will have a go at following your procedures and let you know how it goes.
Many thanks. Very much appreciated.
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: Happy with my T4 to T5/76 trade-up...
« Last post by agoldstraw on Today at 06:34:05 AM »
Hi Will
Glad you are happy with your Tyros 5, as daft as it sounds from your description it sounds very similar to the one I traded in for my Genos at Bonners , but it could be anyone's, but the serial number was BAVL ***62
If so it was only used in the house never gigged. it would be nice to think it has gone to a good home.


Hey Steve, I just bought that very keyboard! :)

Looking forward to it arriving.


Many thanks Joe!
Now that is familiar for sure!

Happy Holidays!
Genos - General / Re: Transpose settings
« Last post by Wim NL on Today at 06:16:43 AM »

You can assign it to 1 of the 6 Home shortcuts in the screen

Press Direct Access + one of the assignable buttons.

Then change the Home screen shortcuts.

Example change demo in to transpose.
Genos - General / Re: Tyros5 trade in?
« Last post by Lee Batchelor on Today at 06:11:05 AM »
Metcam, I just heard of a used Tyros in Canada being sold for about $4,000. It was a private sale and the Tyros 5 was in mint condition.

Our big music store chain in Canada (L&M), will give me a similar trade-in deal of 80 percent of what they figure they can get for mine. Yamaha has kept Canada in the Dark Ages on Genos delivery, but in talking with my rep at L&M, he's estimating a trade-in value around $3,200. My Tyros is four years old. The Genos will be around $6,000. I also have a one year old Nord Electro 5D to trade, only if the Genos pianos are as a good as the Nord. Hopefully, these numbers mean something when converted to U.S. currency :).
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: Deciding to stick with your T5?
« Last post by agoldstraw on Today at 06:10:10 AM »
Just thought I'd update you all about how this little story ends. After agonising about the decision for a couple of weeks, I finally bought a very lightly used T5/76. In the end, I just couldn't justify spending nearly twice as much on the Genos. Our central heating boiler also needs a fairly costly repair urgently, too, so that decided the matter. I'm happy I made the right call.
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: TRX Blackpool registrations
« Last post by larrygreen1 on Today at 06:09:51 AM »
Thanks Pam.Absolutely no rush.
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: TRX Blackpool registrations
« Last post by keyplayer on Today at 06:08:05 AM »
Hi Larry, no problem but am just going out, will post them later today. Pam
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