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Hi Anand :

Hope this Service Center will help you out ...
Never heard such an experience ever before.  8)

Let us hope it is a simple repair as described by Gary.
Good luck !
Cross my fingers, JH 
Genos - General / Re: URGENT HELP - All my G# and D keys of Genos dead
« Last post by Toril S on Today at 08:25:25 AM »
I am praying!!!
These settings need to be familiarized in detail because they are interdependent and there are many combinations. The bass guitar should not change if it is set to Bypass and NTT bass OFF. Maybe you used Style in which there is Chord Switching and the bass plays on a channel you canít access in Style Creator.
Check out these 4 videos, I hope it helps.

01. SFF Edit - Source Root/Chord

02. SFF Edit - NTT/NTR [Root Trans, Root Fixed]

03. SFF Edit - NTT/NTR [Guitar Rule]

04. SFF Edit - RTR [Hight Key - Note Limit]

For more detailed processing of the Style, I recommend editing on a computer.
Iím curious if I used a cable type b to b (Host to Host) Yamaha psr s770 and psr e373. Can I transfer styles/ midi files from the s770 to the psr e373? And/ Or use the cable for midi connectivity. I was just curious if that works or not.
Oh! I did try it for charging my phone it worked for that purpose. But as you mentioned about the ďchipĒ the cable I am using may not have it built in maybe thatís why the keyboard didnít respond. IMO.
I am taking the unit to a service Centre today as my unit is out of warranty.

Imagine my plight- the YAMAHA service Centre guy has not even heard of something called Genos. I had to send him a picture. He says, don't worry i have got the training, please bring the unit to our Centre.

Pray for me !!!


This keyboard is still a USB 2.0.

I couldnít get a USB 3.0 to work

New PSR-SX900 user here! Loving this machine so far the sounds are excellent!
I have a bit of experience with styles and acmp but I have a weird issue hoping someone could help please.

Question 1:

My goal is to set up basslines and chords variations that are NOT affected by my playing.

I have managed to record a quick bassline and have set my NTR to Root fixed and NTT to bypass.
I know very little of these rules and transpositions.

Everything seems to work well in the creator but when I save and exit there are some glitches.
When hitting chords or successive notes on the left side, my bassline is acting up.
It's either retriggered or has some additional notes due to my left hand playing.
The only way I can get an acceptable result is if I just use simple chords or select fingering AI to whole keyboard.

Can anyone please recommend a way to ensure my bassline stays fixed and does not get affected by my playing ?

Question 2:

My recorded passes (especially drums now) are now also glitchy because of high key and keyboard limits.

How should I set my keyboard limits for fixed drums and bass/chords? I am going completely nuts.

When I try to change these settings my patterns goes out of whack I have to exit and return back sometimes.


Genos - General / Re: URGENT HELP - All my G# and D keys of Genos dead
« Last post by travlin-easy on Yesterday at 09:46:50 PM »
There is a ribbon connector to the keys that has likely come lose from movement, which can easily happen, which is why I hate ribbon connections. Essentially, there are nearly a dozen wires all held together with the tips stripped and tinned. This is shoved into a tiny slot of the keybed. If you have some degree of electro-mechanical proficiency, it's just a matter of removing a couple dozen screws from the bottom of the keyboard and jiggling the ribbon connections into place again. Unfortunately, there is no way to lock them in place. If you do not possess these skills, I suggest taking the keyboard to an authorized Yamaha repair center.

Good luck,

Gary 8)
Yamaha Keyboards - General / Re: Particular String Sound Required.
« Last post by panos on Yesterday at 08:20:52 PM »
Hi Mak,
there should be "tremolostrings" in your model.
Different variations of tremolo strings are also in the 3 folders Legacy, GM&XG and GM2

You can also add tremolo to a string sound by using the DSP called tremolo and a type of the DSP effect that there are available (e.g on my model, with tremolo 03 I can change the speed of the tremolo)
It will not work well with all the string sounds, but you could try some of them to listen to the results.

In order to change the volume of the tremolo string voice a little in real time, you could also use the modulation wheel,if the left hand is free.
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