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Tyros 4 (SFF2) / Re: Disc(s) that came with keyboard
« Last post by rolfeilert on Today at 09:00:05 AM »
I got that content  on my onedrive (cloud) , I can find a way for you to DL it .....
I use the Rock Guitar sound with lots of reverb and a slow 'Tempo Echo' as the chorus type.
For the DSP I use a distortion called 'MltODChorus' - if you click the detail button there are all sorts of parameters that can be changed. You can increase the compression/sustain, change the overdrive or distortion type, change the speaker cab, and also within the Delay SW you can choose from lots of chorus types.
So all in all you can have a distorted guitar with reverb, delay, compression and chorus - I think that's what David Gilmour uses a lot of the time! I also find that once you turn the DSP off, the basic electric guitar sounds are all very similar, so you probably don't have to stick to Rock Guitar if you don't want.
A small correction to Joe's answer: it is called a FSX keybed.

It's the same keybed as the previous FS keybed, only the FSX is more environmental friendly.

Tyros 4 (SFF2) / Re: t4 and midis
« Last post by rolfeilert on Yesterday at 11:51:35 PM »
Rolf, you can search or buy midi's it's your choice and usually the midi's you buy are more "professional" and a little better then the home made ones. There are however quite a lot of those bought midifiles already outhere. Sometimes because people forget that they were bought and thus copyrighted and sometimes because people don't care. Anyway, you can alter and modify both kind of midi files to your own liking. I woudl however always keep the original ones safely in a folder on your pc or t4 harddisk and always use a copy of those original files, just to be safe.

Regarding your actual question :
Try reading thru the link I pasted below it is about modifying midifiles and how to do it. It is an article that Joe Waters wrote. You can find it on this website in the lesson section. Perhaps a good idea to look thru all the topics there? I for one know that they can be very helpful :)

(Almost) Everything you alays wanted to know about modifying songs ;)


Thanks , yes , I still try to find files that is especially made for tyros4, I got a shop that tailor-make the files for the different Tyros models , at least this is what they claim
Forum Comments and Suggestions / MOVED: Birtyhday
« Last post by Roger Brenizer on Yesterday at 04:24:48 PM »
This topic has been moved to Misc Announcements or Just for Fun.
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: Tyros 5 Style problem
« Last post by Joe H on Yesterday at 02:42:53 PM »
According to Michael's table, Release can be used in the SInt measure (style initialization) of the style which means as with drum edits, the controller will apply to all parts of the style.  In other words, you cannot apply cc72  Release to just one Section of the style.. it will apply to all 15 Sections for that style Part/channel.

Joe H
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: Tyros 5 Style problem
« Last post by tyrosaurus on Yesterday at 02:36:04 PM »
I really don't understand what means "General Purpose".. Give me an example, please...

Apparently (according to the Internet, so it must be true!  ::) ), General Purpose controllers are typically used as a switch to turn some function on or off. (0 to 63 = Off; 64 to 127 = On).

If you look in the 'MIDI Data Format' section of the 'Tyros5 Data Manual', on page 81 you can see a list of controllers used by the T5 and which parts they can be used with.

It seems that Controller 80 is used for Articulation 1, and 81 for Articulation 2 on the T5.  The table indicates that they are available for MIDI Transmission for Styles, but not for MIDI Reception.

As you say, both these controllers are in the list of available controllers within the Style Creator edit page! I assume that they can be entered in the MIDI code for styles, and could possibly by used by external tone generators connected to the keyboard by MIDI, but will be ignored internally by the Yamaha style engine.   ??? :-\

The same table shows Controller 64 (Sustain) as not available for either MIDI transmission or reception for Styles, which seems to be consistent with Style Creator, and what you have experienced.


PSR-S970/S770/S670 (SFF2) / Re: David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) guitar Sound
« Last post by JimmyDaGreek on Yesterday at 02:00:46 PM »
Which guitar sound did you feel worked the best???

Thank for the reply!
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: Tyros 5 Style problem
« Last post by valimaties on Yesterday at 01:45:13 PM »
Thank you Michael.

I really don't understand what means "General Purpose".. Give me an example, please...
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: Tyros 5 Style problem
« Last post by MBedesem on Yesterday at 01:42:27 PM »
Controllers 80, 81 + are listed here:

General Purpose 5   50   80
General Purpose 6   51   81
General Purpose 7   52   82
General Purpose 8   53   83


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