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Genos - General / Re: Stir crazy mixing
« Last post by Lee Batchelor on Yesterday at 11:29:06 PM »
Good stuff, John.

After you import your MIDI tracks from the Genos to Cubase, you can open the List Editor in Cubase for changing voices. You must specify three things:

Program Change

Let me know if you need further assistance.
PSR-S950/S750/S650 (SFF2) / Re: Cumbia Latin style pack for the PSR-S950
« Last post by RoyceM on Yesterday at 11:12:50 PM »
Hey Drake. The link isn't working for me.


- Royce
PSR Tutorial News / Re: PSR Tutorial Member Map
« Last post by RoyceM on Yesterday at 11:06:00 PM »
I agree with Jerry, Joe. It's been nice to have while free. Perhaps there is some alternative way of showing/listing the membership's global distribution.

- Royce
Hi Simon
I am at the stage of how do you put all the info for each track down at the beginning
I have tried just changing a sound and the one I recorded on the Genos always takes over on replay.
It Is never plain sailing with midi Genos and daws.
What I have been thinking of doing if I want a great recording Is to only put the style track In and use VSt plugs for the rest.
It seems that all tracks that are recorded are from Midi channel 1 from the Genos and when you want to assign that sound to a different track midi number the fun starts.
It is not easy fathoming out a daw and Genos and I have just really started using It. It is a rock solid daw though  and it Is all down to pilot error with me.

I expect with your daw that the Sys Ex is not fully compatible with the Genos .
I had a load of problems with things like portamento on the Tyros 5 and Sonar Platinum. The numbers never matched quite and Portamento would not sound, just a plain note.
Could be something to do with those Sys Ex numbers ,which is gobbledegook to me.. Sometimes the numbers are advanced or just behind and that cancause chaos.
Most daws are for the Vst merchants really and us home midi minions get left behind. ::)

I would like to know how to change a sound in cubase without having a computer degree :P ::) Something to do with those Significant and Insignificant bytes!!! :P ::)

All the best

Ps   I would go for Cubase with the Genos as there is a load you can do and It does not falter. I have just got to learn more as I am a beginner with this daw.
Genos - General / Re: Newbie to Arranger Keyboards
« Last post by panos on Yesterday at 10:10:50 PM »
I am afraid of getting frustrated from what appears to be a very complex instrument.
I don't think a person who can handle Cubase so many years will find an arranger so complex as an instrument,Depo1964.
You allready know all the type of effects and arpeggiators and a style is nothing more than a  loop.
Just have to tell the loop what chord to be played and you have at least 8 organs play that chord
(usually 2 drumkits,bass,guitar,piano,pad,2 melodic parts)
and some extra pads if you wish.
Every style has 4 variations.(4 different loops)
So you don't have to build that parts one by one.
And they all been transfered to a different midi channel so you can modify anything in the process if you wish.
All styles presets or not can be modified.
The easiest way to do it, is by taking a part of a style and use it in another style so you can create a new style (a new loop).
This feature on our keyboards is called assembly.
As for the voices you can layer 3 voices and use a bunch of effects to your liking.

Here you can search the discussions on forum about Cubase and keyboards by putting the word Cubase.
Genos - General / Re: Stir crazy mixing
« Last post by ugawoga on Yesterday at 09:57:41 PM »
Hi Panos

Thanks for your encouragement much appreciated
It sounds like a lot of hard work to get really proficient.
I will keep battling on .
It would be great If Yamha made Genos to Cubase Indepth videos.

All the best
John :)
Genos - General / Re: Stir crazy mixing
« Last post by ugawoga on Yesterday at 09:53:08 PM »
Hi Andy
Well ,what Lee said Is the way to go as you are also saying.
Mixing is also like saying how long is a piece of string!! ::) :P :-[

All the best
Genos - General / Re: Stir crazy mixing
« Last post by ugawoga on Yesterday at 09:50:06 PM »
Hi Lee
Well, I played a song all the way through using registrations Into the sequencer.
So all the lead playing is on channel 1,track 1. So all the program changes are on that track.
When you want to tidy up your recording that is quite easy.
Recording this way though can cause glitches in registration changeover and going back and forth editing.
So I think recording anything serious has to be separate tracks except the style as that sorts Itself out.
You re right there to say record all on the Genos first and convert to wave  and that is what I have been doing.
At the moment I have been experimenting in Cubase trying to change a sound and have not found a way yet.
I have the sound list in there from the Yamaha site and if selecting another sound and replaying , It always plays the first sound that you recorded on the Genos.
Well ok ,I then tried changing the MB/LSB numbers , but still no luck.
I can get on with VST better than the Genos In Cubase,but I would love everything to respond with the Genos.

All the best
John :)
PSR Tutorial News / Re: PSR Tutorial Member Map
« Last post by jerryghr on Yesterday at 09:32:02 PM »
It was a great idea, however not useful if members don't use it.

I believe people are getting more protective of their personal information that they put out there on the internet.  Although I participated in this map, whenever a website asks to use my location I always answer no.

My vote is let it die.  Not worth the money.


PSR Tutorial News / Re: PSR Tutorial Member Map
« Last post by Joe W on Yesterday at 08:59:30 PM »
I had not checked the map in several weeks and so was surprised when I saw that ZeeMaps had changed its policy as of April 1.  Free maps are still fine, as long as no one wants to look at them.  Free map views are now limited to 100.

Needless to say, the PSR Tutorial Member Map is not there to generate any revenue for PSR Tutorial or to drive membership to the site.  It was launched as a benefit to members to help them see whether there were other Yamaha owners in their vicinity.  And that, of course, would only work if members went ahead and put their pins in the map.  Many of you did.  Last time I looked, there were 160 pins.  74 were in Europe, 63 in the US/Canada, and 23 in the Rest of World.

It is possible to reopen this map as a paid account, which looks like it would cost about $200 a year.   So, the question is, Is the PSR Tutorial Members Map worth it?  Should I continue it or let it die?
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