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At last a great Demo. Some very impressive sounds there. What an accomplished performer!

Thanks for sharing Ton.

Thanks for the link.  BEST demo I heard.
Dave Shively ;D
Thanks for the link.  This guy is obvious a pro musician and shows what Yamaha had in mind with this new keyboard


Joe H
PSR-SX900 and PSR-SX700 / Demo Style 16beats on SX900
« Last post by ton37 on Today at 02:34:01 PM »
Demo Style 16beats Cover played by Nam Trân Lê (see also his channel for more demo's)

Genos - General / Re: Genos song and multipad volumes
« Last post by ugawoga on Today at 01:36:25 PM »
Hi Lee

I loaded up the Padmaker midi yesterday and was blown away after a few goes.

What i did was to select an Orchestra sound in Padmaker and the volume of the Instrument was well below the rest of my song.
I did go to the voice section and set about tweaking the volume etc to bring it up to a reasonable level.
I did get the sound nearly where i wanted it but not quite and that was frustrating.
I could obviously reduce everything to compensate but that meant bringing the style down to 60 to 70.
My song has all levels set except the pad .
By recording the pad that I wanted in the Genos sequencer the sound levels were up to standard as the rest of the song level or even louder.

I just put the song into Padmaker Midi and chose the bar length marker and saved to Pad 1 and that was it.
Like you say velocity can make the sound louder or bring how hard or soft you want a particular note.

Just doing what I did made the huge difference in gaining headroom to work with. Also the bonus of having any sound now without restriction.
Hope all is going well Lee.

All the best
John :)
Genos - General / Re: Genos song and multipad volumes
« Last post by Lee Batchelor on Today at 01:04:28 PM »
All good ideas. John, you know the difference between volume and velocity. You can turn a Multipad up to 127 in volume but if the velocities are down around 35 to 40, you won't get the punch you need. Is that what you're using Michael's program for - adjusting the velocities? That makes a huge difference :).
Genos - General / Re: Genos song and multipad volumes
« Last post by ugawoga on Today at 12:52:09 PM »
Do not worry about the volume now as recording a few bars into the sequencer and sticking them in Pad maker midi gets rid of all the problem. Once in Padmake choose the length and thats it
Also any instrument in the Genos works as well , just by simply Genos sequencer to Padmaker and save.
Hail Mike Bedeseem for that great little program.

Anwering Eileen -- I do find on average that the pad volume is down and it maybe because of the choice of instruments that you can only accsess.  Since discovering the Padmaker you have a lot of headroom. Now I have to reduce the volume which is where i want things. My Style are about 100 as well. I wanted an Orchestra sound and it was too low or very reduced.

Answering Adam---- I did look at the actual sounds and upped the velocity and volume but it is not brilliant. Recording in the sequencer and transferring to Padmaker Midi, What a difference.
I suppose when you record what you want in the Genos sequencer then it is around the same volumes that you set your song in the first place.
The difference is amazing and the choice of the Instruments as it should be. I like to have  Max Headroom. ddddddd'!!! 8)

All the Best
John :)
Genos - General / Re: Genos song and multipad volumes
« Last post by EileenL on Today at 11:54:11 AM »
Yes touch can make a difference. I never have a problem with multi pad volume and my style is usually set to 100. After all you don't want a multi Pad to be to prominent in the mix and take away the melody spot as it forms part of the backing.
Genos - General / Re: Genos song and multipad volumes
« Last post by acparker on Today at 11:43:14 AM »
The other thing that I have noticed that can cause the multipads to be low in volume is the velocity or touch setting for each note.  I found, when recording a piano multipad, that I had to either play 'hard', or just turn off the touch velocity entirely.  I opted for the 'hard', as I did want some expression.

I would imagine it depends on what boxes you tick when saving Registrations.
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