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Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: Another annoyance using a daw such as Sonar
« Last post by SeaGtGruff on Today at 01:31:18 PM »
Regarding Melodyne, I've never had occasion to use it yet, but I like knowing that I have it available in case I ever decide to record myself trying to sing. ;)

Regarding the Pro version, I first bought Mixcraft back in 2013, at a time when I was just learning about DAWs. I think the first DAW I'd ever heard of was GarageBand. I'm on Windows, and when I searched for "GarageBand for Windows" Mixcraft came up. I'd also looked at other commercial DAWs available for Windows, and was aghast at their prices-- most of them cost more than the PSR-E433 keyboard I'd just bought! I might add that I was mainly interested in looking at "full version" DAWs, since they come with all available virtual instruments and effects, and I was particularly interested in VIs, especially soft synths. By comparison, the Pro version of Mixcraft 6 cost just $125, so that's what I chose.

Today Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio costs $179, but I got the upgrade from Pro 7 to Pro 8 for $39-- and before that, the upgrade from Pro 6 to Pro 7 cost $65. I guess the change from version 6 to 7 had more major new features, such as the Performance Panel, which was why the price jump from 6 to 7 was greater than the price jump from 7 to 8. Curiously, today it would cost me just $59 to upgrade directly from Pro 6 to Pro 8, so it looks like skipping a version before you upgrade can be a smart move.

I can understand why you're hesitant to upgrade from Recording Studio 8 (green) to Pro Studio 8 (red), since it costs $89-- like buying a second copy of Recording Studio! Often the different versions of a DAW will support different numbers of audio tracks, MIDI tracks, and send tracks, and possibly different maximum audio sample rates or bit depths. But Mixcraft's comparison chart ( doesn't show any technical differences like that, just the differences in the included effects, virtual instruments, and Melodyne. For me, it's all about the virtual instruments. I've spent a good bit of money over the years on VIs from AIR, Arturia, UVI, and other companies. As it happens, some of the VIs that come with Mixcraft Pro can be found for free on the web-- although some (such as MiniMogue) have all but disappeared. So it's hard for me to say whether upgrading from Recording Studio 8 to Pro Studio 8 would be worthwhile for you, because I don't know what VI and effects plugins you already have from other DAWs or third-party companies. If the cost isn't a bother for you, I'd say go for it, if only so it will be less expensive for you to upgrade to Pro 9 or Pro 10 sometime down the road.
Hello Everyone! / Re: From the UK and new to the Tyros 5
« Last post by MINKYCATS on Today at 12:45:41 PM »
Hi John and Angie,

Congratulations on getting a fantastic keyboard. The Tyros 5 is amazing as you will gradually find out as you progress through the learning process.

You have joined a fabulous forum where everyone is so helpful and generous with their time and knowledge.

Welcome to the forums where you will find help with every aspect of your new keyboard.

Enjoy making music and don't be afraid to ask questions whenever you feel you need help.


I agree with just about everything you state but this...   "If a keyboard has a nice feature and you never use it, why pay for it".

The answer to this is any manufacturer can only make a profit by selling 1 or 2 models.  So we all get some functions that we don't need or use, but it's the only way Yamaha or any other company can make a profit, particularly on higher priced keyboards.

Joe H
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: Converting Tyros styles to Motif patterns
« Last post by Joe H on Today at 12:32:46 PM »
I think a lot of the patterns are the same.

Arranger to Motif:     Use MixMaster.  From Clipper View you can convert style parts and Multi Pads to MIDI Loops. 
Get it here:

Motif to arranger:    Record your patterns / Performances using the on-board sequencer then you can convert them to  style Parts or Multi Pads.

      To create style Parts from the Motif arps/phrases:  use midi2style to create style Parts
      Get it here:

      To create Multi Pads from the Motif arps/phrases:   use PadMaker-Midi to create Multi Pads
      Get it here:

IMPORTANT:  When recording the Motif phrases... play only a CMaj7 chord or play on C scale only, otherwise the phrases will not transpose correctly on the arranger.

You can learn more about converting Motif patterns to arranger styles here:

Sometime in the near future I will start a thread on the topic of Motif- Arranger Integration.  I recently bought a Motif Rack XS and I am finding that the Motif and the arranger are quite compatible and can work together very well with the right setup.

Joe H
Yamaha Keyboards - General / Re: USB Recording issue -- Need help
« Last post by SciNote on Today at 10:48:31 AM »
Okay, so here's what I've found.  This may be useful to anyone recording from a USB input to a computer running Windows, as I have been doing this for over 3 years, and this is the first I've noticed the need to adjust these settings.  After plugging in my Behringer adaptor, I needed to then right-click on the volume/speaker icon on the lower right part of the screen, and then select to modify recording devices.  I had to just then follow steps to select the device (which was actually labeled as a microphone on my computer), select properties, and then change the setting from a 1-channel mode to a 2-channel mode.

I have recorded a short piano-sound piece, and I still have to listen to it on something other the little speakers in my laptop computer, but so far, the difference is immediately noticeable and dramatic.  I can now hear a sweeping stereo effect that really makes the sound come alive.  Unless my old computer defaulted to the 2-channel mode instead of the 1-channel mode, I will likely need to re-record all the original songs I have done for the past 3 years!  Fortunately, I saved most of the main projects as USR files on a flash drive from my PSR-E433, and while most of these songs then have additional tracks recorded directly onto Audacity's multitracking system, it shouldn't be too much of a big deal if those already-recorded tracks remain mono.
PSR-E Series / Re: PSR-E443 Newbie Questions Chord Piano Styles
« Last post by SciNote on Today at 10:34:24 AM »
How about something like this... ?  :D

Recorded on a PSR-E433, so I don't see why the PSR-E453 or EW400 couldn't be set up the same way.  I'll post the "patch", or sound parameters, later.
Here is a list of keyboards I have played through the years:
Hammond B-3
Lowery MX-1
Technics (Don't remember model number)
Wersi Saturn
Ketron Audya 5
Wersi Pagasus Wing
Korg PA4X
vArranger2 with Ketron SD-1000
Yamaha Tyros 4
Yamaha Tyros 5-76
Yamaha PSR S970 with Nektar LX 88

The keyboards I have played have changed but the music I play and sing have not.
I play and sing over 400 songs.
Some 40's, 50's, and Rock, but mostly Country.
So my choice of styles and voices are based around country music.
I need a keyboard that will give me those styles and voices.
Many of my styles are song specific for the intro and variation parts.
Others on here create song specific styles too.
The PSR S970 gives "ME" what I need.
The ability to play the keyboard and have it respond to the music I play and sing.
Country music voices are primarily acoustic and electric guitars, piano, electric piano, fiddle, organ and sax.
The only downside is that it is 61 keys.
I use a Nektar LX 88 midi controller to get the 88 keys I need, and semi weighted action too.
It has ligher action than the M-Audio 88 or any other 88 key controller.
I never got used to hammer action keyboards. Starting with th B-3, it spoiled me. lol

I do not need Ensemble or any other the other niceties that are on the Tyros 5.
I just need something to play country music primarily.
And the PSR S970 is about $3000 USD lower than the Tyros 5!

So, if you are considering an arranger keyboard, get one based on what you need.
If a keyboard has a nice feature and you never use it, why pay for it.

These are just my thoughts and I thought I would share them with you.
Everyone has their own idea as to what they need, but is what you think you need, what you will end up using?

Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Converting Tyros styles to Motif patterns
« Last post by latingate on Today at 08:54:29 AM »
Is there a way to convert Tyros styles to motif xf patterns and vice versa?
Hello Everyone! / Re: From the UK and new to the Tyros 5
« Last post by zofman on Today at 08:17:14 AM »
Search for the Tyros Tipsters on youtube.
They tell you everything about the Tyros features in a simple way.
I wish you a lot of fun with this great keyboard.
Yamaha Keyboards - General / Re: USB Recording issue -- Need help
« Last post by SciNote on Today at 06:53:32 AM »
Never mind!  I figured it out!  I don't have time to get into the details right now, but it was a setting in the computer itself.  I found it by doing some research online -- would've never figured it out without help!  :)
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