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Genos - General / Re: GNS MS01 System for Genos
« Last post by Graham UK on Today at 09:04:08 AM »
ugawoga. YourQuote As we all know you drive speakers with an amp half the power of them, so plenty of headroom is there.

My experience show driving speakers from a smaller amplifier causes most drive unit damage because amplifier will clip early which burns out voice coils.
Using a more powerful amplifier than required and used sensibly will give a much cleaner signal for the drive units.

As the saying goes...I have been there  and got the tea shirt...Ha!!!
PSR Tutorial News / Re: New PSR Performer - Ryszard Bieszczad
« Last post by erbis on Today at 08:49:58 AM »
Thank you very much, Hans ;D
PSR-S970/S770/S670 (SFF2) / Re: Getting the best from styles
« Last post by Graham UK on Today at 08:49:02 AM »
Adding to travlin-easy comment. First choice for me is select a style with suitable Drum track for the song then mute the style parts not suitable, then add a mulitpad to fit.
TRY...mute all parts accept Drums & Bass, now find & add a MulitiPad. Other style parts can be un-muted if you think they fit the song.
Hi Paul,

I've attached a 32" HD ready LCD TV to my T4 and now T5 it uses a much lower native resolution 1360x768 (making the images even bigger) that worked for a while although it can still be tough if/since what you can see can't be "touched" on that same screen. You need to go back to the original buttons on the keyboard. On the Genos that is even a little tougher since I imagine most menu operations take place on the touchscreen itself. Nowadays I can hardly see anything on the big screen anymore. Not a real drama or problem since there are always worse things that could happen to a person and this way you sometimes get very surprising results ;) That is one of the reasons I was so curious about the experience with voice guide options on Genos and the smart pianist app on iPad for CSP 150/170.

@ Babette: I don't think it would work on older keyboards unless someone would be able to create an app that could steer everything from pc to keyboard with midi commands and I don't think that is possible for quite a few of the operations. The only other option I think would be to completely rewrite the OS/firmware on the keyboards which is totally not doable for old(er) keyboards (costs, efforts, etc).

I will wait until my wallet can match the prices without the feeling of being robbed "blind";) Then I will have a good look/listen around to see what is on the market that can meet my expectations and needs and buy me a successor :)

Thank you all for your kind input,comments and help,

p.s. Paul : Nice configuration you have there :D
PSR-S970/S770/S670 (SFF2) / Re: Getting the best from styles
« Last post by alanclare on Today at 07:47:32 AM »
Fortunately, I have thousands upon thousands of great styles stored on my USB drive that I can call upon for nearly any song ever made.


With so many styles to choose from, how do you find the best one for the job? Does it simply come down to experience and memory, or do you employ some sort of classification scheme? I find that the more styles I collect, the harder it is to find one to suit.

Genos - General / Re: Iphone " SE " or Iphone 6 for CHORD TRACKER APP
« Last post by zionip on Today at 07:23:33 AM »
Hi Oz,

I installed Chord Tracker app on my WiFi only 12.9 inch ipad pro (2017) and it works fine.

Genos Demos / Re: Demo with Ensemble Settings on Genos
« Last post by Mark Z. on Today at 07:21:32 AM »
Thanks for the "Likes "

Genos - General / Re: GNS MS01 System for Genos
« Last post by zionip on Today at 07:17:38 AM »
I have both the 2.1 Genos speakers GNS-MS01, and a pair of Yamaha HS8 near field powered 8-inch studio monitors connected to my Genos through stereo direct box and mixer.  I also have complete PA system with Crown 500W/channel stereo PA power amp and 2 decent PA speakers, plus 2 x Roland KC500 keyboard amps.  However, I am tired of having to hook up such heavy sound equipment in my music room / studio and so I quit using these PA stuff at home.

While the HS8s produce very decent, balanced, and clean sounds, and protection from being obsolete when Genos is replaced in the future, I ended up turning on the GNS-MS01 speakers only every time when I turned on my Genos, due to the convenience of operation, and its surprisingly good sounds, even better than the sounds from the 2 x Roland KC500 keyboard amps.  I agree that the GNS-MS01 speakers are very suitable for Genos home players.

Hi Peter,

My eyesight is not very good, so I attached a 24-inch LCD monitor with 1920x1080 resolution to Genos so I can see the Genos screen more clearly (I am showing a 21.5-inch Dell LCD monitor in the following photo, a 24-inch LCD monitor is slightly bigger):

With a 24-inch (or even larger size, like 27-inch, up to 32-inch) external monitor and voice guide, I think you will feel more comfortable in operating Genos.

The 24-inch LCD monitor rests on Genos music stand steadily without issues.  If you want to use 32-inch LCD monitor / TV with Genos, you will need to remove the Genos music stand, and put the big LCD monitor on a separate floor standing heavy duty music stand right behind Genos.

PSR-E Series / Re: PSR-E353 disassembly and key rubber contact repair
« Last post by SeaGtGruff on Today at 06:22:34 AM »
I think velocity sensitivity (or touch sensitivity as some companies call it) is achieved by having at least two sensors, or else a sensor that can detect when a key passes at least two points or positions as it's being depressed. (Honestly, I don't really know the details of how it works.) The keyboard then takes the amount of time that elapsed between when the key passed point A and when it passed point B, and uses that time (or "velocity") to determine how loudly to play the note.

There are also some keyboards that use a "tri-sensor" approach, measuring the time from point A to point B, and then from point B to point C, which allows even greater nuances of control-- for instance, maybe the performer presses the key so lightly that it goes from point A to point B, but never reaches point C, or takes longer to go from point B to point C, etc., so the keyboard is able to detect these situations and play the note accordingly.
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