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Title: Multipad Audio Link Syncro Start
Post by: matrix1999 on September 09, 2021, 11:21:12 PM
I am fascinated by the Multipads.  I do a lot of music that has lead parts that are difficult to play during a performance and would like to save them to the pads.  I can even record some of my guitar part with my electric guitar or even saxophone for that matter and start them during turnarounds and such.  I saw a guy playing a Genos and was using vocal Audio link Multipads and had them syncro start.  He had it tied  to a chord in his left hand and saved it to a registration.  I am not sure what to ask here but I will try and form a question. 

Question 1 - Can you sync start a audio link multipad on the SX900

Question 2 - Will a audio link multipad play on the beat like the Midi multipads or will it just start immediately.  I  have had trouble getting a direct answer to that one.

Here is the video link for reference so that you can see what  I am referring too.  That could be really useful to me.  I am always afraid when I see a Genos demo that the feature will not be available on a lesser model.  It looks like he might be just triggering the multipad with the chord instead of the button.  I am not sure exactly.   I might even want to try some vocal oos and aas myself but if it all depends on timing and can't be synced, that might be difficult to time just right.