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Title: Not able to use step time record in song creator if using User Style?
Post by: rikkisbears on September 03, 2020, 11:01:26 PM
Hi ,
Iím pretty sure I used to be able to put in the chords for a song in step time when using a user style in my old
Psr  s950 Or am I imagining it?  I used to record the sequences in step time for my style conversions to Korg. It was far more accurate than me trying to play it, because as soon as I turn on a record button, I become all thumbs and keep making mistakes.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to record some backing sequences to play along to , with my piano. But, since probably 80% of the styles I use are not the factory styles, I thought I had run into a brick wall.

Fortunately the chord looper function and xg works came to the rescue.

For User Styles
I can record the chord progression for a complete song in chord looper  ( in real-time) and any minor mistakes I make with chords can be edited in xg works, I then go back and record the backing track, I just let chord looper play the chords and I just need to press the variation buttons etc at the right time. Far quicker than me doing it over and over again till I manage to record the backing track, glitch free.

Also discovered I can use the chords recorded in a song, in chord looper. So for really complex chords I can record them in steptime in the sequencer using an onboard style, the modify the file in xg works and use it in chord looper as per above, with a user style.

If of any use to anyone, I can explain what I did