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Title: Limitations of Mixer EQ
Post by: MusicMan on March 10, 2020, 09:10:16 PM

It seems that Mixer EQ is very limited.
First there are no parameters for Q(Bell Width), or Frequency.
Second, the single knobs for high and low, seem to be very limited as far as the gain that is applied to the High and Low frequencies.
I've noticed that for many voices, when I turn the High knob to maximum gain, the difference in brightness is very subtle or hardly noticeable.
I would expect that the High knob set to maximum gain would produce a much brighter sound, but it doesn't.

I am interested in anyone insights into the apparent limitations of the EQ for shaping the sound of channels or how to use EQ for more dramatic changes in brightness, low end etc.

I just realized that there is an EQ for Voices in Voice Edit and also EQ in the Master output section which is applied to the overall output.

Thank You