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Title: Multipad PSR3000
Post by: Poknudes on February 03, 2020, 10:34:32 PM
Hello everyone!
I need help with a multipad on a PSR3000:
I want to play a small sequence that loops without a break in between.
Habs already tried in multipadcreator under "Edit" I never succeeded
wanted to change the end but not I know too little about it.
There is always a break of about 5-8 sec. Between

It should work that way when I press the pad button it repeatedly without pause in between, Repeat is enabled.
According to the practice book I can set the end e.g. at 8 bars to clock 009:1:000 but does not work

Maybe who can help me.

Greetings Peter
The text was created with a translator I can only speak German