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Title: Disable modulation wheel?
Post by: Toril S on April 14, 2019, 11:27:24 PM
Hello friends! I have my T5 on a stable stand, but when I have played for a while the modulation wheel has moved, and I can hear some distorsion in the voices. Guess I am the hard playing type :) So I pressed Direct access and then touched the wheel, and I got a screen with some options, but I see no option to disable the wheel. I want to do that while playing, and enable it when I need it. I could of course put some tape on the wheel to keep it in place, but I will rather not do that to my pristine T5 :) Other options?
Title: Re: Disable modulation wheel?
Post by: tyrosaurus on April 15, 2019, 12:13:36 AM
Hi Toril,

On the display that opens when you press Direct Access and move the Modulation Wheel, if you select option 3 MODULATION WHEEL, you can turn the wheel ON or OFF for each main voice part (L, R1, R2 & R3) using the buttons under the display.  For any part that you set to OFF, the wheel is then effectively disabled.

However this setting is not permanent and will return to it's default each time you turn the power on, just like the pedal assignments for example. On my T4 the default seeings are wheel ON for R1, 2 & 3, and OFF for L.

However you can save your preferred wheel settings in a registration (as part of 'Voice' group), so you could make or add them to a 'Start Up' registration which includes them as well as the Pedal Settings for example.

Because the wheel settings are saved in registrations if the Voice group is included when memorised, you probably have existing registrations which include the wheel settings, and if you made them with the wheel enabled for any parts, then when you use them, they will turn the wheel back on!

To prevent this you would need to rememorise any such registrations with the wheel settings as you want them.  You can't use 'Freeze' for the Voice group because this would prevent the other voice parameters memorised in the reg. from changing!

I have a small piece of bright yellow tape stuck in the indent of the modulation wheel on my T4 to make it easier to spot when it is not at minimum!  Of course it is still possible to inadvertently move the wheel without noticing, but the tape is better than nothing!


Title: Re: Disable modulation wheel?
Post by: Toril S on April 15, 2019, 10:11:30 AM
Thank you so much Ian! :) :)