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Title: Song recorder vs audio recorder?
Post by: loveride on January 08, 2018, 01:30:45 AM
Can someone tell me the difference between these two. What's the benifit of using one over the other to record? I've only had my tyros less than a week and there's so much to learn but I'm enjoying every minute.
Title: Re: Song recorder vs audio recorder?
Post by: emasters on January 08, 2018, 01:56:41 AM
The short answer is that Song Recorder records a MIDI performance on the Tyros keyboard.  You can record, edit and mix up to 16 independent (MIDI) tracks (each track containing an instrument, including drums/percussion on tracks).  You can over-dub parts one at a time, or record multiple parts with styles, all at one time.  By contrast, the Audio Recorder will record audio parts from various sources (microphone, audio inputs, etc.).  You can overdub/mix-down audio with two independent tracks.  The primary difference is Song Recorder records Tyros instruments creating MIDI files, and the Audio Recorder records analog audio creating WAV files.  The Yamaha documentation contains much detail on how each recording process works.  Clearly there many associated details -- but that's my take on a brief overview.  Hope that helps.