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Title: Member Group Update
Post by: Joe W on October 28, 2017, 05:07:11 AM
Forum MEMBERS may belong to one or more "groups" some of which are based on the number of posts you make. The groups you are a member of are shown below your name on your posts.

"Guests" are visitors who are not a member of the PSR Tutorial. If you are a member, but you have not logged in, you will only have "Guest" priviletes.   Guests can only access five of the nine available board Categories. They can read all the messages in any topic, but they can not post a reply to any message or download (or even see) any attachments to the message. Guests can not start a new topic.

Registered members can view and reply to any message, start new topics, view and modify their profile, view the calendar, and view and vote in polls.

Some ranking groups are defined based on the number of posts a member makes:

As of 1 November 2018 there were 2,704 Readers, 838 "Novice" posters, 437 Junior members, 350 Assistant Members, 274 Associate Members, and 278 Senior Members.

Some groups are defined by the administrator and members are added individually.  These include "Charter Member,"  "Supporting Member," "PSR Performer", and  "PSR Professor".

Charter and Supporting Members   Charter Members (4 stars) (those who  provided support to the PSR Tutorial in its very first year) and Supporters (5 stars) (those who have ordered one or more of the available collections or made a donation at some time) have the same permissions as Senior Members.  These groups all have access to the special "Charter Members" category of boards.  As of November 2018, there are 36 Charter Members and 502 Supporting Members.

You can become a "Supporting Member" by ordering one of the available PSR Tutorial Resource Collections (, the primary means of "support" for the PSR Tutorial.  If you have done so, but your forum userid is not marked as a Supporting Member, just drop me a note and let me know.  I know the names of all supporting members, but I don't necessarily know what user name you have selected for the forum.

"PSR Performer" (4 stars) means the individual has their own page PSR Performer page on the main site.  PSR Performers provide midi files and mp3 files for the enjoyment of others and, as such, they also "support" this site so they, too, have all the permissions that Charter and Supporting Members have.

"PSR Professor" (6 stars) is restricted to those members who are particularly knowledgeable in their area and have several thousand posts. There are 3 PSR Professors.

"Global Moderator" (5 stars) is for those members who help to moderate all the boards in this forum and review member applications. They review the posted messages to make sure members adhere to the rules and guidelines for participating in this forum.  There are 11 moderators.
Title: Re: Member Group Update
Post by: Dick Rector on October 28, 2017, 05:57:14 AM
Thanks for this extensive info Joe and for all the work and time you have put into this fantastic forum.

Best regards
Dick Rector
Title: Re: Member Group Update
Post by: alans on October 28, 2017, 11:12:26 AM
Thanks Joe for all this info

Great forum,very pleased I joined

Title: Re: Member Group Update
Post by: hans1966 on November 07, 2018, 05:53:25 AM
Thank you very much Joe, for your description regarding the category of the forum members. greeting. Hans
Title: Re: Member Group Update
Post by: gmizrahi on January 26, 2019, 03:49:42 AM
Thanks Joe, this is great resource and Iím so glad I found you guys. Just got myself a Yamaha Genos and m looking forward to learn and hopefully be as a resource to other people one day.