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Re: Korg PA4X: An expensive mistake
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If you have a VAT number and you are buying from another CE country your VAT % = 0 %. In other words you do not have to pay any VAT at all. Ask your accountant.


I will Jeff, and thanks.
And I do have a VAT number.
I have an accountant who deals with this stuff, so I can just concentrate on the music.
I was just repeating his advice about a phone I  bought from the UK last year.

I have no problem when buying from Thomann for example.
I get my Invoice with the right VAT figure, which is 21%.
They have Thomann Espaņa here. I'm not sure at this moment if the bill is from Thomann Spain or Thomann Germany.

But i will ask him. With the phone business, he said it was complicated because the UK had a different VAT rate.
I still got to deduct everything, but in a single block, as a professional expense,
Instead of doing separate deductions.
One for VAT and the other for personal income.

I a a self employed (Zelfstandig) musician, and have to pay taxes and VAT every 3 months. So if I  buy a keyboard in March, I can deduct it in April when I have to declare the 1st Trimester.

I'll go pick his brains on Monday. But you can't avoid VAT, just like death.
You'll either pay in the country of origin, or the destination country.

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