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Song Record > Chord > Step Edit : Only Preset Styles
« on: December 02, 2017, 02:58:42 PM »
In Song Record > Chord > Step Edit I can only select Preset styles and Favorite styles not User Styles (modified styles)
I can not make a USER style Favorite eather.

Is there a option to select USER styles in Song Record : Chord Step Record?

Or make a USER style Favorite?

A song plays back with a User style, so why not in Chord Step Record?

Please Help.

I Have contact to Yamaha BNL Support.
Yamaha BNL Support confirm the problem now.
But only can transfer it to Yamaha's develop team.
I really hope Yamaha will fix this.
It it for me a very big problem.
I use Song Record > Chord > Step Edit  for allmost all my songs (400+) for upgrade to a new successor keyboard.
So now I can not upgrade my songs with modified styles.
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