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Transferring/updating Tyros Registrations for Genos
« on: November 17, 2017, 10:33:52 AM »
For those that are "porting" my Registrations over from T5 to Genos, here are some ideas and techniques that might be helpful for some.  I want to get the newer Genos settings (effects, balance, levels etc.), so I tend to re-select the Style so that it resets the effects and volumes of style parts to the "new" settings that Yamaha has programmed in the Genos.  Then I adjust from there if needed.

What I do is recall a Tyros Registration, change the sounds (such as using the new CTX or C7 instead of the T5's Concert Grand), maybe selecting new other sounds (such as a different Strings or Guitar sound), etc.  Even if I want to use the same sound as I had on T5, what I do is "reset" it by selecting a neighboring sound briefly, then re-selecing the sound I had.  This way I get the Genos's new settings for Effects and such, for that sound.  I usually play the sound as I do this, so I can hear if there is any change.

Then, for the Style, I start playing (so I can hear the change), select a style nearby, then re-select the style that I had originally - the balances change and you can often hear it clearly.   And you can (of course) hear the big change in the drums.

Then, I play the song I had in mind, and re-adjust things a bit if needed.

So, for those "porting" Registrations over from Tyros, you might want to try these techniques out to see if you like the new settings that Yamaha has put in the Genos, even if you use some of the same sounds and same style that you had used in your Tyros.

I think if you don't do this "Re-selecting" of sounds and styles, the effects and volumes and other internal settings, are the same as was on the Tyros, rather than the new/revised Genos settings.  I can often hear the difference.  Sometimes the difference is small, sometimes it jumps out at you (usually in a good way)!

Then, of course, remember to SAVE your Registration bank (file)!

It would be interesting to read how others are dealing with the task of migrating Registrations over from Tyros ...

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