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Semi-Multi-Pads on a PSR-E4xx Series Keyboard
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IMPORTANT EDIT:  I don't know what I was thinking... I just realized that to implement the technique for simulated multi-pads that I describe at length below, you cannot use a style at the same time -- even for just the drums -- because the technique below involves using a user-song's sequencer tracks as multi-pads, and using the "start-stop" button to implement them.  Therefore, any style or rhythm that would be playing would have to be a part of the user-song, and it would start and stop when using the technique that I describe below.  But, I guess the technique could still be useful as I did it in the example I provided, where no style is playing.  Or, it could be useful if playing in a band where other live musicians are playing the drums and style parts.


I just discovered a way to get a simplified multi-pad feature on the PSR-E4xx keyboard.  I discovered this while trying to figure out what notes are being played in a complex descending piano run in recordings of the theme from "Exodus" and Alicia Key's "You Don't Know My Name".  More information about what I was looking for can be found at this thread...,40582.0.html

So, when I discovered what may be the correct sequence of notes, I recorded that sequence on a track of the multi-track sequencer at a very slow speed, with the sequencer's tempo set to a low value, since I am not able to actually play that sequence at the proper tempo yet.  Then, I increased the style/sequencer tempo to a much higher value.  And then, I played part of the Exodus theme, and when it got time for that piano run, I just hit "start/stop" to set the recorded sequence in motion, at the higher tempo.  Here's how that came out...

Then I realized that this is essentially what a multi-pad does!  So, the bottom line is that you can use individual tracks of the sequencer essentially as multi-pads, meaning that each user-song can have five of these simulated multi-pads.  You would just record whatever sequence of notes or drums that you want access to on each individual track.  Then, at the beginning of any performance, you'd select that song, then turn off all of the tracks of that song.  As you play the song, when you know that a part is coming up where you want a multi-pad, you'd just turn on the particular sequencer track that has the multi-pad notes that you want, and then you'd hit "start/stop" to activate it.

Of course, there are limitations...

1. Unlike the multi-pad feature on most modern keyboards, this will not automatically transpose based on what chords you play, so any musical sequences have to be recorded in the key of the song you want to use them with.  However, they will change tempo based on the style/sequencer tempo setting.

2.  You do have to do some planning during a song.  You cannot just hit a single button and activate the sequence you want, like you would with a true multi-pad.  Assuming that you have multiple sequences saved on different tracks, you have to first turn on the desired track ahead of the point in the song where you want to use it, then hit the "start/stop" button to activate it, and then when you want to use another track for another sequence (or "multi-pad"), in addition to turning on the second track, you have to remember to turn off the first track, otherwise both tracks will play at the same time when you hit "start/stop" again.

3.  If you have several tracks to be set up to be used as multi-pads, how often you can use this feature during a song (without having to manually hit "start/stop" to stop the sequencer) will be dictated by the length of the longest sequence track you record in a particular user-song.  So, if you record a 1-measure sequence on Track 1, and a 4-measure sequence on Track 2, if you use Track 1 to play the 1-measure sequence, you will have to wait at least an additional three measures (for a total of at least 4) to play any of the tracks as multi-pads again, unless you hit "start/stop" first to stop the sequencer.

4.  I don't know of a way to have a user-song with multiple recorded tracks and to be able save that user-song on the keyboard with the tracks set to default to "off".  This means that when you call up the user-song to have access to these tracks to use like multi-pads, all of the tracks will be turned on, so you'll have to remember to turn them all off before playing a song, and then just turn on the individual desired tracks as you want to use them while playing, as described above.
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