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I've Connected Our Tyros 5 to The WiFi - Now what ?
« on: September 03, 2017, 06:11:49 AM »
Hello all

We've been enjoying our Tyros 5 so much, we've only connected the USB WiFi adapter today for the first time :) All seemed quite straightforward to setup and our Tyros is now CONNECTED to the WiFi and I guess to the internet.

We don't have an iPad or any Apple products and, to be honest, don't want to buy any. So, begs the question, "What next"? :)

UPDATE: It seems an iPad is the only option as Android doesn't support MIDI - I wonder if Windows 10 tablets do?
Viewing a few Youtube videos I see there's something called 'Music Finder Plus' a free service by Yamaha. Is this still available and free? I presently have 1823 styles in my music finder list.

Thanks for all the support I've gained from reading through these posts.

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Re: I've Connected Our Tyros 5 to The WiFi - Now what ?
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2017, 08:01:27 PM »
Hi John

If you don't use an Apple device, your Tyros 5 WiFi is basically limited to transferring YEM (Yamaha Expansion Manager) expansion files from your computer to your Tyros 5. I am updating the following info I posted a while back regarding the WiFi dongle and other Tyros 5 connections.

"The Tyros 5 WiFi dongle can become pretty handy, not only as a second option to transfer YEM expansion files wirelessly to your Tyros 5, but with several apps available, like on your Apple products. I use the Dropbox app on my iPad 2 to sync files with my Tyros 5 and PC.

One example that works well is the Yamaha MusicSoftManager app with the Dropbox app. The Dropbox app gets loaded to your iPad  (tablet) and your PC. Now you can sync all your Tyros files, wirelessly, between your PC, iPad, and your Tyros 5. You place a folder in the Dropbox named, app, and transfer all your Tyros files on your PC into the app folder. The MusicSoftManager app is linked to the Dropbox app folder, is everything remains synchronized automatically. Within the MusicSoftManager, you can select what Tyros 5 drive and folder your Tyros files go (wirelessly through the wifi dongle), such as your MP3s, styles, Multipads, Styles etc.

Here are your options for transferring your files from (presume a PC) and an apple device with the Yamaha Musicsoft downloader app.

1) You can simply load your files to a USB stick and transfer the, to your Tyros 5.

2) To access your Tyros 5 hard drive directly from your PC you must connect a USB to host cable (most printers use this cable) from your PC to the (to Host Jack) in the back of your Tyros 5. When entering this mode, you can manage and copy files and Tyros 5 folders from your PC. Easy way also to backup your whole Tyros 5 Harddrive on your PC.

3) The Tyros 5 wireless dongle with allow you to transfer expansion files from your PC to your Tyros 5 through the YEM ( Yamaha Expansion Manager). There is also an option to transfer YEM files by USB stick transfer.

4) The Tyros 5 wireless dongle can also work with a direct wifi connection to your apple device and Yamaha apps, like the Yamaha Musicsoft downloader.

The app in question is the Yamaha MusicSoft Manager, which you can download for free from the Apple App Store. I recommend also downloading the ipad version of Dropbox and download the PC version of Dropbox for your PC. Files you place in Dropbox will show up automatically on both your iPad and PC. Dropbox will work good with the MusicSoft app, plus I am using it with my unrealBook app.

With Dropbox installed on your ipad open the MusicSoft Manager app. The MusicSoft app should automatically ask you if you would like to create a folder in your Dropbox. You indicate, yes. MusicSoft will create a folder named "Apps", and inside this folder is a folder named MusicSoftManager. Any Tyros 5 file, is placed into this folder from either your ipad or PC, which should synchronize automatically.

Make sure your Tyros 5 is on and the WiFi is active. Open MusicSoft Manager on your iPad and you will see the Library, which would be empty. The first time you open MusicSoft it should ask if you would like to create a folder in your Dropbox as I explained previously. To access your Tyros 5 files, press the icon on top right which will ask you where you want to add from? You have a choice of Tyros 5, iTunes file sharing, or Dropbox. Select Dropbox, and you will see the files you added previously to the MusicSoftManager folder in Dropbox. Highlight the Tyros 5 file and press, "Add to Library". Any Tyros 5 file can be added to the MusicSoft library this way, including your MP3 files.

Once your selected Tyros 5 file is in the MusicSoft library, you can now highlight it and press the "Transfer" icon on the bottom left of the Library screen. You have a choice of Tyros 5, iTunes file sharing, or Dropbox to where you want to transfer the selected file from the library. Press Tyros 5, and if your Tyros 5 WiFi is working correctly you will get a Select Destination Tyros 5 pop up box with your drives showing, USB 1, HD 1, and User. If you select HD 1, the file will transfer automatically to your Tyros 5 HD or any folder you select.

MusicSoft Manager is a great way to transfer Tyros 5 file to and from your iPad or if you install the Dropbox app, to your pc all wirelessly. Works great.

5) Can also connect your Tyros 5 to either your PC or apple device ( ipad) using a midi interface connected via midi cables to and from your Tyros 5. Generally you would need an iPad camera kit to work with the midi interface device (newer iPads and iPhones don't need the camera kit adapter), and your PC sometimes would need the proper drivers depending on the PC software being used. Some apps can also transmit midi data wireless through the Tyros 5 dongle as well.

I probably forgot stuff, but generally these are your options using the wireless dongle and other Tyros 5 connections."

Since posting the above, the MusicSoftManager app also allows purchase data in the shop for your instrument. Data that is compatible with Yamaha digital instruments and ideal for practicing and playing can be purchased from the MusicSoft Manager shop. MIDI Songs, Style Files, PianoSoft and Registrations are available.

From the MusicSoftManager app, MIDI Songs are available for a large number of songs in a wide range of genres, from pop and rock to jazz and classical music. You can practice your favorite songs with lavish accompaniment and slow the tempo of the accompaniment or mute the part for one hand so that you can practice at your own pace. Style Files, PianoSoft and Registrations are also available. Style Files data provides a personal backing band that is enabled by simply holding the chord allowing you to enjoy lavish ensemble pieces even when playing alone. PianoSoft songs are specially designed for piano playing, and Registrations automatically set the ideal tone and accompaniment for playing each song.

Probably many other apps compatible now, plus some apps now support Bluetooth LE MIDI and with new MIDI routing. I guess everything is going wireless. I may need to make a hat out of aluminum foil. Personally, I try to stay as much as possible with proven hardwired setups and actual wires and cables. Almost every headphone set is now Bluetooth, never mind Apple going totally wireless and almost backwards. I like my iPad and the various apps I use, but the guy (I enjoy his music theory videos) in the following video makes good points. Enjoy.

Apple: It's Good If You Like CRAP

Regards, Marcus 
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Re: I've Connected Our Tyros 5 to The WiFi - Now what ?
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2017, 05:49:26 AM »
Having the dongle and WiFi connected means Tyros also knows the time so it can be displayed on the main screen and saved files can be automatically time and date stamped.

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Re: I've Connected Our Tyros 5 to The WiFi - Now what ?
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2017, 12:31:34 PM »
I'm so sorry I didn't reply sooner - I only just noticed the thread I started had some replies!!

Thank you very much for the informative replies. Seems the Apple could be a worthwhile addition :)

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