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Music Finder Files for CVP 709
« on: October 22, 2017, 05:53:32 AM »
When I bought my CVP 709 two years ago I downloaded the Music Finder Records from Yamahas site.  That extended the registrations on my DP a lot and I have to admit that I use Music Finder every day.

Not all files/registrations are good and many songs I like is missing in categories such as Swing, Latin, Entertainment and also many well known songs from famous composers, Kern, Berlin, Porter to name a few are absent. Of course I can play them using registrations for similar songs and also tweak them a bit, but that is not what I want. (Last year I also bought a few Styles from Yamaha Music Soft to get some more variation.)

So do someone have other suitable MFDs or is there a place where I can download records for my CVP 709?

Have a nice day