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Foot Switches for Genos
« on: October 15, 2017, 05:17:13 AM »
Through my Tyros 2 to 4 I have used the 'standard' volume, sustain and single switch foot switches  - using the single switch to progress through my registration sequence.

In anticipation of the Genos and seeing people talk about the MFC10 it's got me thinking there is so much more I could be doing through foot switches leaving my hands free to play, such as triggering the Super Articulation effects etc.

Through a little research it seems to me that the Tyros 4 and 5 and most likely the Genos are designed to work with the MFC10 having dedicated set up screens etc. Therefore if I've understood correctly making it very easy to assign functions to switches.

I'm wondering though if there are any alternatives, perhaps with less switches (say 5 or 6) that would work with the Tyros/Genos, and if so what might be involved in setting them up?

Would appreciate anyone's thoughts as usual.

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Just don't mention Genos USB drive letter assignments :)