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Oriental Dance Styles for SFF2 S-Series and A-Series 🎹s
« on: October 11, 2017, 06:50:21 PM »
Hi Friends,
   I have made "Oriental Dance Styles" for SFF2 S-Series and Oriental Keyboards. This includes some selected styles from PSR-740, PSR-9000PRO, PSR-2100, PSR-1500, PSR-A1000, CVP-109 & CVP-210. Which use Dance Kit, from various categories. Here, I revoiced DanceKit to ArabicMixKit (available only in S-Series and Oriental keyboards). The mostly used drum tones of the old DanceKit (like Techno Kiks and Techno Snares), are given in ArabicMixKit with different notes (Kik B0=F-1, A0=A-1, Snare G0=G-1...) I remaped the drum notes accordingly. Now this gives the same feel of hearing the old Dance styles. Those who used PSR-9000, PSR-2000 may get the same feel. But, these styles can not play properly in TYROS models. I designed these styles only for PSR-S970, S950, S910, S770, S750,  S710, S670, S650, A2000 & A3000 as common. So I left these styles with '.sty' extension.
Get from This is in very top of this page.
Also I gave four Mp3 samples.

With Regards

Onacimus Sahayam
My Styles
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