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Genos Ensemeble Feature
« on: October 08, 2017, 03:58:16 PM »
I read this on Sweetwater's Genos page where it wrote about an improved Ensemble feature:     

"Authentic ensemble performances, for true divisi playing within a section

The Ensemble Voices feature re-creates string, brass, and wind ensembles by intuitively mapping the instruments to their appropriate ranges for authentic-sounding ensemble performances. Previously, a Voice such as Brass Quartet would use a sample of four players. If you played two notes, however, you'd suddenly have eight players which could be cool, but perhaps not entirely realistic. In Genos, Ensemble Voices always give you the same number of players because Yamaha designed into this instrument the musical knowledge of a professional music arranger. Play two notes with a Brass Quartet Ensemble Voice, and Genos will intelligently send the trumpets to the top notes and the trombones to the lower notes. We love it!"

Am I correct that Tyros 5 doesn't treat this the same way when playing 2 notes.  I love the sounds of the ensembles.  This might make a performance sound more realistic.


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Re: Genos Ensemeble Feature
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2017, 07:34:16 PM »
I am not sure about playing 2 ensemble notes giving you eight players. I know on the Tyros 5 setting your "Key Assign Type" you can go from Unison1 to 4 independent ensemble instruments (one instrument per note up to 4 instruments). My favorite Tyros 5 setting is "4 Voice Incremental - from highest". So the furthest played note to the right is always your independent lead instrument, plus the ability to play legato with the lead ensemble instrument. Also cool is making your lead ensemble voice one of the available SA2 ensemble voices, where you can activate one of the ART 1 or Art 2 buttons.

On the Tyros 5 Ensemble, playing only two notes can have different results, depending on the "Key Assign Type", however you will never get more than the four assigned voices. Any improvements to Ensemble on the Genos would be fantastic. My favorite feature on the Tyros 5 by far. Ensemble voices can play with a style and also be added to a style OTS memory button. When using a style with regular voices and my default LH keyboard split, your split point totally disappears when switching to an Ensemble voice, yet in AI Full Keyboard fingering the playing style recognizes the chords. No other arranger can do this besides the Tyros 5 and now the Genos. Truly remarkable.

I created two custom Ensemble Registration voice banks on my Tyros 5, each saved with the Real Reverb DSP for ultra realism. My RH 3 voice part channel is set to my MIDI bass pedal channel, so when assigning an Organ World organ voice to the RH 3 button, my midi bass pedals can also play the bass range of the set organ voice. This corresponds to the fourth voice of an Ensemble when in Ensemble mode, where my MIDI bass pedal now adds an independent fifth Ensemble voice. 

Interesting also is that the Tyros 5 YEM does recognize an Ensemble Voice file type, but so far have not seen any Ensemble voice expansion packs. I tried cheating and renaming a UVN voice extension with with the Ensemble voice extension, and the YEM recognized that format and loaded it to my Tyros 5. My Expansion Ensemble folder showed up in my Tyros 5 Expansion folder, but the files didn't show up. My experiment failed, however it appears that the YEM has the capacity to load an Ensemble voice pack if Yamaha would make one available.

Looking forward to the additional Genos Ensemble voices and that new auto mapping feature. I pretty much know where instruments should go in an ensemble, but interesting to see if auto mapping would correct my custom ensemble settings from my Tyros 5 if loaded to a Genos. Really glad Yamaha decided to keep the Ensemble feature on the Genos, plus expand upon it. I'm sure I should be able to access new DSPs through the DSP2-7 reserved for the voice parts and supposedly a new Real Reverb DSP. I would also be quite thrilled if Aftertouch control was added to the Genos Ensemble voices or editing be allowed to the actual voices.

The following video has my favorite Ensemble voice video mimicking orchestral ensemble voices, much how I like using them.
Ensemble Voices Workshop DVD Tyros 5 Club Mister Music

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Re: Genos Ensemeble Feature
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2017, 09:13:18 PM »
There is so many settings in the tyros 5 ensemble voices, you can have it work this way, i am quite sure.. there might be some new settings tough, not sure as the t=data sheets are not available yet.

What yamaha needs to to is add options to edit the individual instruments in an ensemble setting in the yem...  and not only add this, but also an option tonedit sa2 voices and create your own sa1 voices..   

But we are getting of topic_. The ensemble voices of tyros 5 have allways been my favorite part, andif they have improved its a good thing, if they havent it will probably still be my favorite part of Genos..

I just wish an ensemble voice would be treated like a single voice R1 or R2..  so i could have a top voice R3 to the right and the lower voice to the left... for all the latest keyboard news and information.

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Re: Genos Ensemeble Feature
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2017, 12:01:55 AM »
I think Sweetwater's text is incorrect. It looks like they took the Tyros5 introduction text and replaced "Tyros5" with "Genos". Change "Genos" back to "Tyros5" and the text is correct.  ;D

I've also heard that the Ensemble voices are improved on the Genos, but I don't know the details. In November we can try it out for ourselves and really see what has been improved.