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Style making for yamaha psr s970
« on: September 30, 2017, 02:28:22 AM »
Is it possible to insert a patch/program change in between a MAIN  , INRTOS , and ENDINGS in a Yamaha SFF2 style file ? If YES , is there a limitation ?

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Re: Style making for yamaha psr s970
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2017, 06:57:56 PM »
Your question as stated, the answer is No.

But if you can explain what it is you are wanting to accomplish, we may be able to explain to you what you can do to get the job done.



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Re: Style making for yamaha psr s970
« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2017, 08:17:26 PM »

If you are asking... can Chord 1 on Main B have a different Voice than Chord 1 on Main A, the answer is yes.  Sometimes Intros and Endings  use different Voices than the Main Sections.   It is even possible to switch between 2 different Voices in Chord 1 in Main section if you want two Voices to alternate back and forth.

To do that you need StyleMagic software.

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Re: Style making for yamaha psr s970
« Reply #3 on: October 07, 2017, 10:29:33 PM »
... or edit the style in any MIDI sequencer software.
Remember to pereserve the non-MIDI data by using my "Style Split and Splice" software at BEFORE and AFTER any editing in MIDI sequencer software!  ;)
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Re: Style making for yamaha psr s970
« Reply #4 on: October 17, 2017, 03:17:03 AM »
Hi sorry I was away , and thanks every one for the reply.
I got the answer for what I was looking for from Mr Jorgen.
I put up the same question to Jorgen and had email conversation with him.
I have copied and pasted the conversation below so that others will benefit too.

Is it possible to insert a Patch /program change in between a main , intros ,and ending in a Yamaha SFF2 Style file, If yes, is there a limitation.

I can not remember if you will have to use a software program for this or it can be done at the keyboard. - I am away from my keyboard right now.

Thanks for replying
I meant to use the software program , But I don’t know about the extra number of patch program changes in between works or not because
I don’t have a Yamaha keyboard myself.
Recently I made a midi track for a friend of myself for PSR S970 which worked good
He asked me to make a style file for the same ,Because of the limited tracks / Channels in a style file I had to use some program changes in between the intros and main but
I don’t know how the keyboard takes it and no idea about the limitations and couldn’t find the information about this online.
So I thought I would get some information about this from an expert like you.
Any information would be great and helpful for me and other users too.

You can insert MSB, LSB and program change - in that order - anywhere.
The keyboard will CONTINUE using these values untill it gets new values.
This means that if you want Main B to play eg. a violin voice and ALL other sections a mandolin voice, you will have to add MSB, LSB and program change in the BEGINNING of all style parts.
In Main B voice: violin voice data
In ALL other parts: mandolin voice data
BEGINNING means after the part marker and before any note on events in the part.
Hope this helps

Hi Jorgen
Once again thanks for the information   and such a quick reply.
With your explanation I learnt that you can insert different patches for different elements (Main A, Main B, Intro   etc.) in the beginning, OK that is fine.
But my question is say in one of the intro of say 8 bars I have used all the 8 tracks and among that one track contains a lead of guitar for 4 bars and lead of flute for next 4 bars, So there will be a patch insert of guitar in the beginning and at the beginning of 5th bar I have to insert another patch of flute. WILL IT WORK?
Same thing with Main A of 2 bars and in one of the track which has already got a patch insert at the beginning can I insert another different instrument patch in the beginning of 2nd bar. WILL IT WORK?
Yes, this will work too.
But if you "jump out" in eg. the 6th bar to another style part, the voice defined in the beginning of the 5th will continue to sound.
Therefore you must insert the "default" voice in beginning of all parts.Hope you understand!

Thankyou so much Jorgen
Clearly understood
And it is a GOOD NEWS to know
I will attempt and try this practically.