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Hi All !
I purchased the above mentioned DVD and was knocked out by its excellence - so much so, I decided to purchase the book which is recommended and on which the DVD is based.
Yes it's in German but apart from the Scores which are universal, I expected (Oh fool that I am !) the text would be virtually what was said on the DVD but that was not what I found, it is so much more !.

Now I am looking for a Translator ! and to put it bluntly 'so would you all if you had purchased these incredible Tyros, (including the CVPs and PSRs 1000 thru to 3000) aids to playing excellence'.

I have written to PPVMedien the Publishers but have hit a brick wall. I would be happy to have an English Audio file translation referencing the page numbers of the book and I could then provide a Full Document file which would then be made available to English speaking purchasers of the book as an appendix (obviously encouraging Sales).

So if anyone out there could help with a translation, I would happily supply them with their own Book and DVD, I would also include a Free-to-keep Sony ICD-BX140 miniature MicroSD Dictaphone with 2X 4GB MicroSD and a pre-stamped return addressed envelope, for one MicroSD containing the English Translation recorded on it, to be sent back to me.

*"Playing with Styles of the Yamaha-auto-accompaniment" is the full title of the (English spoken) DVD, Styles & Patterns that of the German text book.

I am happy for my email address to be