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Song Collections
« on: August 02, 2017, 07:04:46 PM »
For the past several years, the PSR Tutorial has offered a collection of MP3 songs from the PSR Performers and the Christmas Jukeboxes delivered on 8GB USB drives.  These collections were quite large and were available as Songs #1, Songs #2, and Songs #3.   

I recently decided to discontinue the 8GB USB drive, which was getting harder to find.  I now offer only the 16GB USB drive, and was even able to lower the price of that drive.

With the 8 GB drives gone, the song collections had to be revised.  So, I combined Songs #1 and Songs #2 into a single collection with 3,800 MP3s, called it "Songs 2013 Collection", and provided it on a 16GB USB drive.  I also created a "Songs 2017 Collection" that combined Songs #3 and a new, unreleased Songs #4, and that, too, is also provided on a 16GB USB drive.  The best news of all is that I am offering these new BIG collections on 16GB USB drives at the same price as the earlier 8GB versions.  Not many visitors are interested in these MP3 collections, but for those who are, these are great bargains.
-- Joe Waters
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Re: Song Collections
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Thank you for the good news, Joe !☺