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PSR 910: Low Volume Organ Voices
« on: July 26, 2017, 03:37:32 AM »
Hi all!

All preset organ voices on my PSRs 910 keyboard can suddenly barely be heard save for the Jazz Rotary and Rock Rotary voices which are at normal volume levels.

All other voices on the keyboard are ok. 

Followed suggestions on Michael's FAQ's on "HOW TO REMOVE THE MOD WHEEL FROM CONTROLLING VOLUME ON T3 PRESET ORGAN VOICES" and was able to restore correct levels on organ voices but obviously lost effects of modulation wheel on those voices.  The correct solution eludes me.   

Just recently the A key (customary, I understand) above C5 has died. Have followed some of the suggestions on the forum to correct but to no avail and I suspect the contact strip will need replacing.  Not sure if this is contributing to the low level organ voices (?)

Can anyone please offer some much needed advice?