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FAQ says:
"To do that, you have to open the song in Song Creator (load for playback then Digital
Recording/Song Creator), depress Next to the Channel Tab, and button B to the fifth item,
Setup. There you will see a list of items that can be recorded to the beginning of the
song when you depress the Execute button that is shown on the screen.
First, make sure that Voices, effects, etc are all checked, and then, while still in Song
Creator, depress the Mixing Console button and make your changes.
Depress TOP in the Song control area to ensure that the midi is at the beginning, or
forward/reverse to a location where you want the changes to take effect

It works for the entire song but whenever I try to set the mark to other than Bar 001, "Execute" button is greyed out. Is it possible to change volume levels and effects for different parts of a recorded MIDI song on Yamaha PSR S950? I have four parts in the style, and each part has different volume levels and effects for instruments. It works fine in the style itself but the recorded song uses the same levels throughout the song (the ones specified in the beginning.)

Thanks in advance.
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I'm not sure if I'm following you 100%.  If you are referring the 4 parts as the OTS Voice settings those would have been recorded to the MIDI file and the changes were recorded each time you press the OTS or changed style sections.

You might do better trying to edit those volume messages in MixMaster.  there are a couple of ways to do that.  In List View you will need to find them and edit one at a time.

In Volumes View you can change all volume messages per channel by a fixed amount or by a percentage.  R1 and R2 I believe are recorded on channels 1 and 3.  So in Volume View you could raise or lower all volume messages by 10% or 20% (or whatever) on channels 1 and 3 in a single operation.  If you don't like the result you can UNDO.  If you think you like the result save the file with a new name so you still have the original.

MixMaster is free and you can get it here:

Joe H
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Thank you for the response, Joe. If I recorded the accompaniment live it would have captured the style level settings for each part. I couldn't get the precise timings and smooth transition between the parts through live recording so I step-recorded it. When I look at the Chords section in Song Creator, the volume levels are defined in the beginning after Main A, and during the part changes the line only says "Main B" and so on. I was hoping maybe there's a way to edit it in Song Creator to define the volume and EQ levels for each part.

I don't have MixMaster yet, I'll have to study how to install and use it. 
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Styles are easy to adjust per Section on the keyboard, but I think trying to do what you wish in Song Creator is more difficult that's why I suggest MixMaster.

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