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Tyros 3,4,5 keybed help pls!
« on: September 20, 2016, 01:24:25 AM »
Hello and glad to be part of such a great forum! I am amazed by the level of info and data shared, and it's great to be a member of it.
My name is Radu and i am pianist/keyboardist from Romania.
I currently own a Korg Pa3xLe-76keys arranger (among others) which turned out to be mistake investment. The keyboard is ok, but every time i go to the music store and get to touch/listen the Tyros3 keyboard they have on display, I am simply blown away by the warmth and realism that it offers. Although i have worked very much on configuring my keyboard (Korg DOES need a lot of work) I have decided i want to switch to the Tyros because I can't stand it anymore knowing what Yamaha has to offer. I had a PSR650 years ago, my first arranger, and i remember that after selling it for a GW8Roland i was very desapointed. I should of stuck to Yamaha...
Anyway, I got to test the Tyros3, they won't easily allow testing of the Tyros5-76, and they don't have a Tyros4 in the store, but still i am very pleased with the T3 and i think it is a lot better than the Pa3xLe which is a lot newer, but it turns these things don't really matter.
Now, I am a pianist first of all, and I have a lot of issues with arranger keybeds, but what I loved about the Tyros3, even though not weighted, they capture every nuance, they feel great and they depress very pleasant. I have noticed that even the black keys depress all the way down like in a piano, this factor is very important to me for it prevents me from banging black keys and gives me a little of that familiar piano feeling. I did not hear the Tyros5(76) but i have noticed (silently) that the keybed does not have the same characteristics, the black keys don't go as down as on the T3 and the keybed generally feels more "synth-ish". Did anyone else notice that or am I just crazy? :P
 This factor is very important to me, and got me thinking that I would go for the 3 just for this! Has anyone here had the two models? Can anyone please confirm this? And also, how is the keybed of Tyros4 compared to the 3 and 5?
I know all Tyros keybeds should feel the same, but i know what i felt and trust me I am very sensitive to these things, it is my main issue with keyboards.
I really hope someone here can straight this out for me, hope it doesn't seem like the strangest of questions.
All the best to you, and hope to share ideas of my future-to-be-bought Tyros soon.

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Re: Tyros 3,4,5 keybed help pls!
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2016, 05:40:24 AM »
Hi radu,
I recently upgraded from Tyros 3 to Tyros 5 - 76. I didn't try t5 first, as I traded it online. I had my T3 for 5 years, so was well used to the layout and feel of it.
Pretty weird that I kept hitting the wrong notes on tunes I know very well.
I can't explain it, but I seem to be doing it less and less as I use the T5 more.
Maybe the keys on the T5 - 76 are different size. I did spend several days setting the keyboard touch & after touch so as to suite my playing styles.

Perhaps someone on this forum can enlighten us.