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voice extension names
« on: September 03, 2016, 09:52:51 AM »
ive saw names like uvn , cwn ,vce , swv , clv
what extensions does tyros use

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Re: voice extension names
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Re: voice extension names
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From the Web Site:


From The PSR FAQ (see Tab in Lessons):

E.19.  What do voice extensions stand for ?

VCE : Normal Voice Files
LIV : Live Voices
ORG : Organ Flutes
SWV : Sweet Voices
MGV : Mega Voices
SAR : S.Art Voices
CLV : Cool Voices
LDR : Live Drum kits
DRM : Drum Kits
The Following are the Voices in the Custom bank [These are the Links to Voice Links to the Main Custom Voices(the Tvn-Voices)] :

CVN : Custom Voices
CVD : Custom Drums

The Following are the Voices which are loaded in the Custom bank (These are the Main Custom Voices) :
CVN: Custom Individual Voice for Tyros 1
CV0: Purchased Voice from Yamaha
CV1: Purchased Voice Edit from Yamaha
TVN : Custom Individual Voice for Tyros 2
UVN: Custom Individual Voice for Tyros 3

TVD : Custom Drum Voice
TVI : Custom Voice Library Voice


E.11.   Tyros 2 Voices, Voice Creator, PC Custom Voice Editor, Voice Set Editor, etc

There are several types of voices available in the Tyros2:
Preset Voice Bank/ Panel/XG/GM/GM2/OrganFlutes Voices: These are built-in voice files. They are voices are organized into banks such as Brass, Strings, etc.
You can edit a built-in voice or organ flute voice to create your own versions.
Use VoiceSet to change the DSP, octave & harmony settings. The edits should be given new voice names, may be saved anywhere, and easily exchanged between instruments.

Use the Organ Flute Footage Edit to create new organ voices: These are defined by files with the extension .org. As with User Voices, these files can be located anywhere and easily exchanged.
Preset Voice Bank/ Custom Voices: These are voice files (extension .TVN, .UVN) that have been loaded on to the Tyros  hard drive, or definition files, created by the PC Custom Voice Editor, combining up to 8 of built-in voice, and/or installed voice files.
Custom Voices are accessed by the Custom Voice Bank containing 128 voices, each element of which contains the path to a .custom voice file that is stored on the hard disk. The Custom Voice Bank is maintained during power off.
The Custom Voice Bank may be edited by the Voice Creator and, if required, saved as a Custom Voice Library  file and reloaded.  Multiple library files exist as a way of allowing user access to more than 128 voices, and permitting voices to be grouped by use (e.g.  GIG type, music genre, song project).
The Tyros Voice Creator is used to create and edit the Custom Voice Bank. Note that some instrument model may have different procedures.
Wave Import creates a custom voice file from one or more .wav or .aif sample waveforms located on USB or placed on the hard disk via the HD Storage mode. Once the file is made, the wav/aif files can be removed.
Custom Voice Bank Edit allows copying, deleting or renaming entries in the current custom voice bank, and monitoring the status of the RAM voice memory. You cannot add entries, change the custom file references or manipulate files (move, delete, etc) with this function.
Individual Load allows adding a new entry to the Custom Voice bank. The custom file should be previously installed on the hard disk via the Wave Import function or transfer by HD Storage Mode.
If you choose to load a file from the USB, then the current version of the Custom Voice Bank will always look for the file there and it will fail to load on power up if the USB memory is not installed or the file is missing from the media. Loading the TVN file via the HD Storage mode is recommended.
Library Save saves all or individual items of the current Custom Voice Bank to a TVI library file. You have the option of saving just the path, or the path and the custom files. Save just the path to use a single version of the custom file on your HD. Saving both to the USB is one way to export a custom file (the other is to use HD Storage Mode to copy the file), or to make a duplicate copy of the Custom Voice Bank and all related files (this can be large!)
Library Load allows you to replace current Custom Voice Bank entries with ones contained in a TVI library file. You have the option of replacing all or just individual entries.
Custom Voice Edit Via PC This program is does everything that Voice Set does plus it allows you to make a voice by combining one or more Preset or Custom Voices that already exist on the Tyros.  Start the PC Voice Editor on the PC and use this button only if the Voice Editor screen does not appear on the Tyros. The last step in this program is to save the file defining the edits (it does not contain any large sample files) on the HD and make an entry into the current Custom Voice Bank.
Suggested Hard Disk Voice File Folders (This may be different for some instruments)
Waveform Files (for wav and aif transfers via HD Storage Mode for later use by Voice Creator/ File Import) 
Custom Voices (for saving TVN files created by Voice Creator/ File Import or for transfer of externally created TVN files via HD Storage Mode and installation by Voice Creator/ Individual Load)
TVI Library Files (for saving Custom Voice Banks with or without the associated TVN files)
Voice Edits (the .vce, .liv(live), .swv(sweet), .clv, etc. files created by VoiceSet, and the .org files created by the Footing Editor).
PC Voice Editor Files(for saving the edits of built in voices (.cnv) , or TVN voices (.cwn) created by the PC Voice Editor)

Regards, Michael
Michael P. Bedesem
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Re: voice extension names
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(NOTE: I was writing this as Michael Bedesem was posting. Rather than revise it, I'm just posting it as originally written before I saw Michael's post.)

There are two kinds of voice files-- files that contain only settings for modifying a keyboard's built-in preset voices, and files that contain sound samples and settings that add new voices to a keyboard.

I've seen the following voice file extensions mentioned online; there may be others I'm not aware of. I believe the descriptions are correct, but if not then hopefully someone will post a correction.

This first group of extensions are used with voice files that contain only settings for modifying built-in voices:

VCE - settings for a normal voice
DRM - settings for a drum kit
ORG - settings for an organ voice
LIV - settings for a Live voice
LDR - settings for a Live drum kit
SWV - settings for a Sweet voice
CLV - settings for a Cool voice
SAR - settings for a Super Articulation voice
MGV - settings for a MegaVoice

I'm not sure about the following voice file extensions; I'm just guessing at their descriptions:

SFX - settings for a sound effects kit?
LSF - settings for a Live sound effects kit?
SRM - settings for a Sweet drum kit?

This next group of extensions are for voice files that actually add new sound waves (samples) to a keyboard:

CVN - samples and settings for a normal custom voice
CVD - samples and settings for a custom drum kit
TVN - samples and settings for a Tyros2 normal custom voice
TVD - samples and settings for a Tyros2 custom drum kit
UVN - samples and settings for a Tyros3 normal custom voice
UVD - samples and settings for a Tyros3 custom drum kit
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