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PSR-620 orchestration sync with Roland R-5 drum machine
« on: May 04, 2016, 02:17:15 PM »
Hello! I decided to register on this forum to ask some Yamaha PSR-620 related MIDI questions after hours of fiddling around. I recently bought my first drum machine, a Roland R-5. I'm wondering if I could get the drum beats and sounds from the drum machine (using a mixer of course) to play in sync with the auto accompaniment of my Yamaha PSR-620 keyboard (minus it's onboard drums).

I'm relatively new to MIDI in general, I can get sounds from the PSR-620 playing the pads of the R-5, as well as the Yamaha's demo (and recorded) songs in the tempo I set in the R-5 but what I'd like to do is get rhythm orchestration only like I can do by switching off the Yamaha's drum track when selecting instruments so that they are in sync with the R-5 but no luck so far, when I play chords with the fingered mode, only the "harmony sounds" play like it plays them when a beat isn't playing.

Also I haven't yet figured out how I can set a drum pad channel from the R-5 to play different sounds from the PSR-620, although this might come with more fiddling around with the settings. I'm mostly getting piano from all but one midi channel I select from the R-5, although every pad button has it's own other than piano sound on one channel.

I hope these explanations made any sense and hope to get some insight on the subject from you guys. The reason I got the drum machine in the first place was that I can make my own drum beats but I like the things I can do with the auto accompaniment of the Yamaha. Thanks!

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Re: PSR-620 orchestration sync with Roland R-5 drum machine
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2016, 12:19:16 PM »
Update: I finally got it to somehow work, had to put Local On and of course the external clock on (which it already was) and some other settings I'm not totally sure of what I did. The Fingered mode is also set to Full which I believe it has been earlier on also. So now I can get the accompaniment in sync with the drum machine but am facing the following problems:

1. When I turn off the beat from the drum machine, the settings in the keyboard go back to "Normal" (instead of Fingered), also the demo song starts playing when I try to sync the start with the drum machine, but when I return these to the way I want they remain like that until I stop the drum beat again.

2. When changing a chord on the accompaniment I also get the sound of the instrument I have selected on the PSR-620, I'd like it to be heard only on the higher notes that don't affect the accompaniment, not the lower ones when changing chords.

3. Sync start/stop on the accompaniment section sometimes works (starts on the first beat together with the drum machine) but at other times doesn't, I have no clue what setting I have changed in between when it works and when it doesn't. When I have the accompaniment mode set to SINGLE instead of FINGERED it works most of the time but I prefer to have chords. Also the demo song problem doesn't happen when SINGLE is selected.

I'm guessing these have to do with the settings on my PSR-620 and not the drum machine. The display on my keyboard is a little flawed making it a bit hard to see which setting I selected at times, that's why I can't always totally figure out what's going on. Any help will be appreciated!