Author Topic: sending click track to sub 1 for the drummer to play on time with midi file  (Read 1695 times)

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hi all
just wandering how to send a click track to sub 1 so the drummer can play in time with the midi file when playing live

i have set the metronome to sub 1 in the line out of the mixing console

and turned on 'sound:bell on : in config 1 in utility..

i still don't get anything from sub 1

any help would be appreciated



Offline MBedesem

I found this in the PSR FAQ ( ):

F.148. One way to create a drummerís click track on Tyros

If you want to save the style and midi tracks for backing, you can make a pad with a hi hat (or other instrument) do this.

A multipad will track the tempo of the loaded style, and you can assign the pad to a sub out in the Mixing Console/Line Out page so it will only be available to the drummer. You will need a line out to headphone amp, perhaps:

You can create the pad by adding a click track MIXMASTER. Load the Pad Template.pad from the template folder, open NoteView and Insert/Click Track to the channel where you want the track (pad 1 = ch 1). Then and change the voice to a drum voice or other appropriate instrument.


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thanks..ill look into it

i have done it before..few years ago.. it wasn't that complex.. i just forgot how to do it



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found it..!!!!!

F.110.  NEW! How to provide a metronome output for a live drummer.

In the Tyros, the metronome can be assigned to a sub out on Mixing Console/Line out page. assign to sub 1 or 2

play midi file as usuall...

and dont forget to press the metronome button !!!!!