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Tyros 3: deviating from default settings
« on: March 21, 2015, 09:24:54 AM »

I often see people talking about changing settings to do with the EQ, the volumes of certain things etc. on this forum. People seem to not like the defaults Yamaha ships their boards with. I am not very familiar with this type of tweaking, so I would like to ask if this is also true for this particular model, the Tyros 3. If so, what settings do people tend to change, is there a bucketlist of settings every experienced Yammy owner changes right away the first time they turn on their keyboard? Can these changes be stored in registrations as well, or is this outside of their scope?

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Re: Tyros 3: deviating from default settings
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I suggest you do an advanced search for CMP for the T3. See the attached for the settings.

This will show you posts where people discuss their favorite EQ and CMP settings and how they improve the 'out of the box' sound.


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Re: Tyros 3: deviating from default settings
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Making changes to your keyboard is an individual thing, that often evolves over a period of time.  Ii is purely a matter of personal interests.  Personal preferences evolve over time as we get more familiar with the instrument.   

At some point you may decide you want to make changes to suit your playing style, to improve the sound out of your current speakers, etc.  The more you get to know your keyboard, the more you may choose to make changes.

If you have no issues with the factory default settings at the moment, I would leave them alone for now.  We all grow into how we use your arrangers.  How one person sets up their instrument, may not work at all for another.  It's totally a matter of personal preferences and needs.

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Re: Tyros 3: deviating from default settings
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I set mine like this.  It made a world of difference in the sound.  Really livened up the sound.

Posted by: "Tom G"   tomtomsf
Thu Oct 23, 2008 2:16 pm (PDT)

I also received a call from Steve Deming at Yamaha US. It is as Michael explained, according to Steve. Yamaha eliminated the "presets" for CMP in the new Tyros3. Instead, what you see under "Types" are several different algorithms that each have their own unique characteristics. But they are also turned down, or turned off per Steve. These are the steps to follow to get the T3 CMP settings working for you:

1. You must be sure to turn the CMP switch "on" using button G.

2. Set you Master Volume to a comfortable listening level and select any style you like, then start it playing.

3.After that, you must then go in to the controls on the bottom of the screen.

4. Start with the "Threshold Offset" control and try -10 first. You should then begin to see the top meter called "Gain Reduction" beginning to show a little green bar appearing at the right of the meter screen. If you do not see the little green bar appearing, there is no compressor effect and you should then try Threshold Offset -20.

5. If the green meter bar is appearing on the left, then adjust Ratio Offset to  3 or  4 , whatever it takes for the softest sounds of the style to become more pronounced, louder and easier to hear. Once you achieve than, go to step 6.

6. Use the Gain Offset control and turn it up or down to assure the overall volume of the keyboard is maintained at that comfortable listening level you selected in step 2. The keyboard should not sound a lot louder. Of course, if you dial up the Gain Offset, Steve says this functions as another volume control, making the whole thing sound louder.

The presets that were in the T2 are gone. You have to make all these settings on your own if you wish to make adjustments. There is nothing in the User manual about this. In my opinion, this is not an easy implementation. And, it is bad that Yamaha left all this out of the manual. No one I know would be able to figure this out without these instructions and help. I suggested to Steve that Yamaha include some "Suggested Settings", even if they are not ideal for any individual. That gives players some starting points, at least. Truthfully, the presets of the old T2 were a far better implementation.

Finally, Steve advised me that the sounds heard on the Yamaha Tyros3 website demos were the result of the performer's individual settings on his keyboard for that particular studio. In addition, the demos were likely processed through more studio equipment in the playing and recording process and can not really be matched exactly by the end user. They were not "out of the box sounds" at all, it seems. You might be able to get a similar sound, for your playing and your particular equipment, if you make EQ, CMP adjustments and, perhaps, edit the voice tself.

Tom G.