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PSR-S900 Display repair with US $ 24.00
« on: August 12, 2014, 05:12:50 PM »
Hello, I had the problem with the display of the PSR-S900 and I want to let you know how I solved it with a minimum cost.

I was a long time looking for an arranger keyboard Yamaha when last year I came casually in a shop and while I was watching a new PSR-E433 I was offered a second-hand PSR-S900 which was sold at 350.00 for a problem with the display that had a low brightness. The seller told me that the cost of replacing the display was approximately 400.00. As soon as I tried it I was struck by the beauty of the sounds and the naturalness of the styles.
I checked on the manual downloaded from the Yamaha website the possibility to replicate on an external monitor the internal display and in that moment I realized that I had an affair in my hands.

I brought the keyboard at home and I started searching on the internet: on I read that someone had succeeded in replace only the neon and not the whole display and so I found it through ebay at ccfl_warehouse at a price of $ 8.00 plus US $ 15.95 for shipping charges (the name is 2.2 x 100mm Full Spectrum CCFL backlight for LCD repair).

To replace the neon it has been sufficient to remove the display and then bend the two metallic fins on the photo indicated by the yellow arrows while for the two plastic fins indicated by the red arrows on the attached photo, it was necessary to break and fix them at the end with silicon.
In this way, the display has returned to work perfectly with a cost of US $ 23.95.

For those who want spend a little more, you can replace the original display with a Panasonic EDMMUG1BBF that is recommended by Yamaha as new part (see Yamaha Part List PSR-S700_S900_PL3_C.pdf) and is available on ebay at US $ 135.00.

I hope I was helpful to all who have the same problem.

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Re: PSR-S900 Display repair with US $ 24.00
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2014, 06:19:11 PM »
Good to know and a clear picture. You will have a lot of joy from your 'new' keyboard. Thanks for sharing the info. I am sure there will be people who are very happy with it.

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Re: PSR-S900 Display repair with US $ 24.00
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2014, 06:50:13 PM »
Thanks for the information...

Ed B
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Re: PSR-S900 Display repair with US $ 24.00
« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2016, 12:02:52 AM »
I just wanted to thank Traxx for providing such a useful info regarding the PSR S900 display issue and low cost fix!

I had my PSR S900 display replaced just about 13 months after I bought it in 2008.  I have to praise Yamaha, though, for having my display replaced with a new one at no cost, even though the warranty was expired! 

Seven years later, however, here we go again... the display light dies on me minutes before an important gig, but I got lucky since I only had to perform one song and the style of that song was already memorized on a registration memory, so all I had to do was turn the K/B on and press the proper registration memory, and I was able to do my performance.  However, I knew in that moment I was going to face an expensive replacement of the display.

Thank God, I checked this forum and I found Traxx message, describing how it could be repaired for a few bucks!  Since I used to open, learn, troubleshoot, and repair many devices when I was younger, I thought, well, why not try fixing it myself per Traxx' suggestion?  So I ordered the CCFL light, I opened my keyboard, and adventured in disassembling all the stuff that was in the way, until I was able to access the display and I removed it.  After examining it, I realized I could remove the plastic part from the metallic plate, so I didn't need to bend the metallic fins, but I certainly had to break the plastic ones (not a big deal).  Then I discovered I needed to unsolder the old CCFL light and then solder the new one in place.  It took some fine and careful work, but a few minutes later the new light was in place!  I reassembled the display, all the other stuff, and the whole keyboard.  Bingo!  Repair done with $15 expense!  Again, thank you Traxx for sharing your experience! 

Now, I expect another good seven years of display life, which is probably more than what I may need, since it is likely I will buy a more advanced model during that time!  ;)