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Midi Files - Alphabetical Index

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Yamaha XG Midi Library


This section contains musical resources useful to any musician. There are 7 major sections: Fake Books, Fake Book Song Index, Top Songs, PRO Clinic, Projects, Articles, and, finally, a complete 39-week course in Chords and Chord Progressions.

Fake Books

Fake Book Song Index

You will find over 12,140 songs in this index compiled from 50 U.S. fake books. Together these books contained 21,000 entries. Of course, popular songs appeared in more than book. But there are 8,000 songs that appeared in one and only one book. Songs are listed alphabetically by title.

Book List |  A  |  B   |  C   |  D   |  E   |  F   |  G   |  H   |  I   | J-K |  L   |  M  |  N   |  O   | P-Q |  R   |  S  |  T   | U-V |  W   | XYZ

Top Songs

Top 40 Songs, in 5-year spans

Other top song lists:

Pro Clinic




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