Song Collection 2017


2,265 MP3 songs (155 hours of music) from 79 performers and contributors. ($36)

The full collection includes 2,272 files and requires 10.2 GB of disk space. The collection is not available for download but is provided on a 16 GB USB drive.

PSR Logo(1 December 2017) There are 2,265 MP3 files in this collection drawn from songs added to the PSR Tutorial web site frrom January 2015 through November 2017. It includes all the songs previously offered in Collection #3 (now discontinued) plus additional songs that would have made a 4th collection. Since we have discontinued the 8GB drive option, all of these songs are now provided on a single 16GB USB drive.

The MP3 files are all songs named after the relevant song title. There are 370 Christmas songs listed alphabetically in three "_Xmas" folders (AH, I-N, and O-Y). The other 1,895 songs are in 14 alphabetical folders (A, B, C, D, E-F, G-H, I, J-L, M, N-O, P-R, S, T-V, W-Y.)

Filenames all include a suffix that includes an abbreviation of the Performers name (generally the perform's initials, e.g. "RB" for Roger Brenizer), and a two-letter abbreviation for the keyboard the song was performed on. Thus, Roger's rendition of Always On My Mind, recorded on the Tyros4, has a filename of "Always On My Mind-RBT4.mp3" Some of the MP3s are vocals where the performer both plays and sings the song. In many cases, but perhaps not all, a vocal recording is indicated by a "_v" at the end of the song title. Larry Tyler's rendition of Any Time, played on the Tyros5, is named "Any Time v-LTT5.mp3". If a song is an original created and copyrighted by the performer, the name will include a "_c" after the song title.


1,909 of the songs in this collection are from the "PSR Performers". The names, and abbreviations, of the 48 performers included in this collection are shown in the table below. You will find brief musical biographies for each of these performers on the PSR Tutorial web site either under the current performers or in the archived performers section.

48 PSR Performers
MC Bill McCracken GR Janet Griffin AC Patricia Jacobsen
BK Bob K JL Jim Laing PE Pedro Eleuterio
RM Bob McKinney FP John Phillips PG Peter Gasser
BM2 Brian Miles JV John Vishnoff RK Richard Kent
CK Craig JH Joseph Hart RL Richard Losper
DK Del Kay JS Judy Short RB Roger Brenizer
DV Don Valentine KS Ken Stenzel RJ Ron Jubenville
EL Eileen Lowry KT Ken Toone RB Roy Beardmore
EM Ernie Mulder KO Kieth Osborne RM Royce Mosgrove
FT Franco Tancredi LT Larry Tyler SR Steen Smollerup
FF Frank Filipo LC Lynn Rae Couch SM Stephen Molnar
GD Gary Diamond MA Mark Chapman SH Sunny Haddleton
GH Gloria Hanson MS Mark Styles TA Ton Anthonie
SG Grant Cantrill M2 Mike Cyr TG Torben Goldin
JW3 Jack Williamson MR Morrie Reece UB Udo Becker
JG James Gracey NV Nick Van Zutphen VA Vince Andreone

For many years, the PSR Tutorial has sponsored a "Christmas Jukebox" with holiday songs, not only from PSR Performers, but also from a wide variety of PSR Tutorial Forum members. There are 349 songs, mostly Christmas songs, from an additional 46 contributing artists. Their names and abbreviations are provided in the table below.

31 Contributing Artists
AS A. Saurimonde DR2 Don R PA Patricia Harman
AK1 Andreas Kronen DM Drake M HR Rick Fox
BC2 Barry Cowles G1 Giorgio Pina RF Robert Ford
BH2 Bernie Henry GS Greg Suits RW Robert van Weersch
SN Bob (SciNote) GP Gregory Pace SB Sue
CS Chuck S H1 Howard Marvin K1 Wally Towells
DC Dave Church JA Janus WB William Barnard
HM Deane Peters JK3 John K W1 Wim NL
DB2 Del B JD Jon D W4 Wouter
DW Derek Watts MW Michael Witek
DM1 Don Mason NR Norm Ruttle


14 Yamaha arranger keyboards are included as well as two CVP models. Most of these, of course, are the more recent mid-level and top-level Yamaha arranger keyboards. 36% of the songs were performed on the Tyros5 or Tyros4. An equal percentage were performed on the PSR-S970 and S950 models. The Keyboard table below shows the number of songs for each of the major keyboards. It is clear that many performers have upgraded their keyboards during the past few years.

Songs by Keyboard
Keyboard Songs Percent
Tyros5 366 17
Tyros4 516 24
Tyros3 33 2
Tyros2/1 15 1
PSR-S970/770 149 7
PSR-S950/750 644 30
PSR-S910/710 276 13
PSR-S900 31 1
PSR-3000/1000 89 4
CVP605/301 77 4
Other 36 2

Song Indexes

A number of documents are included to help you navigate this enormous collection of songs. An Excel file lists the song titles, the performer, the keyboard, and the length (in minutes) of the song. This basic data is also available as a PDF file. Either can be easily viewed on your computer or printed out. Note, however, that the printed copy of this master index will be around 50 pages. The alphabetical index is useful if you want to see if a particular song is available in the collection.

You may be interested in the particular songs provided by each performer or played on each keyboard. PDF files are provided that lists the song data alphabetically by Performer, and alphabetically by Keyboard.

Playing the Songs

Most computers include software that can play an MP3 file. You can play these MP3 files on your Tyros5 or Tyros4. You can also play them if you have one of the newer PSR-S models (970, 950, or 910). But the easiest method is to load the songs into a music utility like iTunes. The MP3 files include internal song data that indicates the performer and the keyboard and the song title. Loading these into a music database will give you a very large database of songs that can easily be rearranged into whatever play lists you find convenient. In addition, it is usually easy to copy your selected playlists to portable players like an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. You can then take hundreds, even thousands, of songs with you wherever you go. There is no easier, or quicker, or more economical way for you to acquire a massive database of digital music.

This page updated on December 4, 2017 .