Author Topic: Make my PSR-S910 to behave as a midi controller (focused on buttons)  (Read 422 times)

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Hi, i would like my S910 to behave as a midi controller (like Akai, Novation, Nektar controllers) where i can push buttons and send midi messages like Control Change, Program Change, etc.
I have tried pressing buttons "Registration Memory" and "Multipad", but S910 send a lot of midi messages that i can not use.
So, is there a way i can change the behaviour of those buttons in order to send specific midi messages only??.
Is there a tool or software to make that happen? I have already verify the Midi configuration on the S910, but no luck.

Please your help, thanks in advance!


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Re: Make my PSR-S910 to behave as a midi controller (focused on buttons)
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Hi Ed,  I've been asking myself the SAME question for a long time now. So I hope after 300+ views WE can get a suggestion, an answer or a cup of coffee. E-mail me if you find out anything will ya ?
Thanks, Don
It's really nice to be back as i am having to relearn almost everything about my S910.
Thanks again 4 all your help.S-910; MU128;  Proteus1&2/XR; Proteus2000;SC-55; KORG I-30; TC-HeliconVoiceLive2;