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Demo of the DGX 660 At Sweetwater (with ChordTracker app)
« on: August 07, 2018, 01:01:09 PM »
Hello to all,

Unfortunately, this board dedicated to the Yamaha DGX Grand Piano series has not been very active lately. The fact that some time ago, someone inadvertently erased most of the old posts is the Forum didnít help, because since then, this sub-section of the Forum is practically empty, which doesnít attract new DGX users looking for some information about their keyboard.

So I decided to post here a video I just found on YouTube, with a very nice presentation of the DGX 660 At Swetwater, showing off a fraction of the things you can achieve with this very nice keyboard.

Apart from the Piano Room and the microphone input features, everything in this video is also pertaining to the DGX 650.

In the video, youíll find an interesting explanation on the way the Yamaha ChordTracker app can be used with the DGX keyboards, or with any recent Yamaha recent arranger keyboard (with the exception of the rather basic PSR E263, which has no USB connector).

Here is the video:

Comments are very welcome, as would be any suggestions as to revive this section of the forum.

Enjoy  8)

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Re: Demo of the DGX 660 At Sweetwater (with ChordTracker app)
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2018, 02:28:05 PM »
Hello Vinciane,

I own a DGX660 and wonder why there is no more interest on it. It has plenty of possibilities, with nice voices and styles.

Of course it is not as cheap as the PSR-E series but on its price range there is nothing similar, IMHO.


Jose Gavila

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Re: Demo of the DGX 660 At Sweetwater (with ChordTracker app)
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2018, 02:49:37 PM »

Hello Vincianne,

Also have a dgx650,, very similar to functions on the 660 and i think i know why perhaps not alot of interest in these
keyboards.   Basically this forum is more arranger oriented.   Although one can record, review scores and now with
the 660 use a mic,  the machine is not ARRANGABLE..   I cannot get into the styles and manipulate anything,,
just the volume on the function feature.  There are only 2 variations, 1 intro and 1 ending.   Just to enhance the options
for the player to make more music.   I think these machines were marketable toward the piano playing community
who wanted a little extra fluff on the machine.
That is why i went for the dgx because missed that hammer action on an acoustic and the 88 keys.   Because already
own several arrangers don't fool around much with the style backings offered.
Have lurked a few times to Piano World Forum and sometimes the dgx's are discussed,, in the digital piano threads.

Since this forum also has many members who are piano oriented, the dgx threads offered help and advice that
the piano forums did not offer.   Really not any concrete suggestions to keep or expand this board.. Just saying that the
meat and potatos of the PSR forum are the arranger keyboards and the Dgx series are more appealing to piano
players or to those desiring to learn the instrument.   

all the best

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