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Re: Genos 2 (61)
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here in Germany we have a proverb: "The only difference between men and kids is the price of their toys". So much to the discussion about "toys".

But reading through this thread I found 2 points for a "Genos 61":

- Portability: A 61 Keys version could be made a bit less wide  - if the internal PCBs allow. It may also weight ~500gr less for that around 15 cm less plastic - as all internals have to arranged to fit in that smaller housing. For a gig, you need the keyboard, a stand, a chair, the PA, a microphone with stand, a lot of cables etc. Do those 500gr really count ?

- Price: Some feel that less keys have to cost less. But I think those 15 keys are the cheapest of all components. So there is no real production price advantage, but the customers feel the 61keys version has to cost at least $100 less. The main cost points to create such an instrument are those that are invisible: the sound library and the software.

So I don't believe that Yamaha will create this 61 keys version. Especially as the current version sells great.



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Re: Genos 2 (61)
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My 6700 was a great keyboard but only had 50 styles so I got to work and converted many Tecnics styles which you could do by just recording the parts from the Tecnics into the 6700. And with 76 notes it was a great beast of its time.