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Wav file help please?
« on: February 04, 2011, 03:00:40 AM »
Is there any way a wav file...(recording from a cd) put on a "flash" drive, and played back by the 900?.....If so, can the tempo be changed, or the wav file edited...(voices, tempos) ect, and then saved with the changes for future playback?    (I am trying to find the best way to create backing tracks for my guitar playing)
I would really appreciate any help.
Thank you very much

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Re: Wav file help please?
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2011, 05:05:00 AM »
From page 63 of the manual:

The following sounds can be recorded.

Internal tone generator of the instrument.
Keyboard parts (Right 1, Right 2, Left), Song parts, Style parts
Input from a microphone, guitar or other instrument (via the [MIC/LINE IN] jack).
Input from another audio device, such as a CD player, MP3 player or the like (via the [MIC/LINE IN] jack).

There is no editing facility for audio files.


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Re: Wav file help please?
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2011, 09:23:29 AM »
Hi Mickey: I assume you mean the 910, right? It is unfortunate that you don't play keyboard, because then you could create your own sequences that sound MUCH better than anything I have found that you can buy. I might try and send you a couple of mine, maybe some Beatles. I think you should surely be able to edit these to your liking, but they are sequenced at the exact tempo of the original recordings. As for actually recording premade midi sequences, I have a 710, and was told, MUCH to my disappointment, and contrary to what the salesman told me, by Yamaha that you cannot actually RECORD any outside source to it. I was told it had sampling capabilities, as well, which is similar to what you want. Apparently you CAN record on the 910. Heck, you could just put a mike up to your stereo or MP3 and get what you want. Problem then, though, are the vocals. There are programs that mute the lead vocals, but they don't seem to work very well at entirely getting rid of them. I will tell you, though, that if you can learn, creating your own faithful sequences, and even tweaking them to improve on the originals, is very satisfying and fun when it works well. Also, when doing so, you are going to always have a few minor mistakes, something, that gives it, to me, more of a live feel and sound. To end, I'm new here, but I'm a teacher, and can't resist when I think I can help. Lucky you spent the extra bucks and got the 910. Wish I did.

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Re: Wav file help please?
« Reply #3 on: February 05, 2011, 08:45:17 AM »
Hi Mickey
Why not use a midi file rather than wave. You can play the midi on your 900 and play your guitar with it. The quality of the audio out put is really good. and you can record your guitar and the accompanying midi on the audio recorder of your 900.
You can make your own midi's or use commercial. You just turn off whatever melody or chord tracks that are on the midi that you will play and do that part on your guitar.
The results are certainly CD quality. If you wish you can touch up the result in an audio editor (DAW) on your computer or you can play this way live.
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