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Genos - General / Re: Soundwonderland's new website
« Last post by Heidrun on Yesterday at 08:54:14 PM »

.... but hmmmm....


 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
... Whit a genuine affection for you...
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: Can someone help me find the Turkish Pack for free?
« Last post by shneurslonim on Yesterday at 08:15:51 PM »
can you please send me links to the turkish pack from emomuzic

That's what I meant T .. replace a circuit board.
Hopefully not too long now.

Genos Speakers / Foot Pedals / Re: Montage 7 "Super Knob" Foot Pedal for Genos
« Last post by Bill on Yesterday at 07:47:49 PM »
Hi Frank

Yes:  The FC7 Pedal is common to all Yamaha Keyboards.

Genos - General / Re: Making a Blank Registration button
« Last post by MINKYCATS on Yesterday at 07:23:41 PM »
Hi John,

Thank you for explaining a much easier method of finding the Legacy folder.

Much appreciated.

Kind regards

Genos - General / Re: Rolling cart for Genos and stuff ?
« Last post by RF on Yesterday at 07:15:27 PM »
I bought the Thomann-copy of the Rock'n'Roller-cart, and it works fine. The only change you should make, would be a PVC case for Genos instead of bag, it's not expensive, it's not so heavy.
It's because, you can put things onto the Genos and so the cart can carry your stuff better and be better navigated.
Genos - General / Re: Rolling cart for Genos and stuff ?
« Last post by Al Ram on Yesterday at 07:06:19 PM »
thanks a lot.  I will look at Thomman site.  I have purchased from them before, but I am in the US.  Shipping is usually expensive from Europe but will look into their ideas. 

thanks a lot.  I will go with the Rock&Roller cart.   Now, all i have to decide is between model 8 and model 10.   If the 8 can accomodate the size of Genos, will go for the smaller cart because my van has limited cargo space.    I like the additional top shelf . . . thanks for the link. 

Great job in modifying your cart.   I will search for photos of your modification . . . if you have it at hand and can provide the details on how to do it . . . . that will be great.   It may beat the additional $100 for the custom shelf. . . . .

Thanks all

Hello Friends,

I've recently sold my Genos and returned to the Tyros 5-61 and before doing so, I backed up the T5 on my computer and now I want to put all my 'stuff' onto the current T5.  I have done this many times in the past but now age is catching up with me and I've completely forgotten how to do it. I'd appreciate help with this as I don't want to accidentally delete all that is on the backup.  Thanks in advance.

Audrey Turner
Tyros 4 (SFF2) / Re: Program Change for selecting custom voices?
« Last post by overover on Yesterday at 06:33:29 PM »
Hi Ricky,

Tyros4 has only ONE Custom Normal Voice Bank (MSB 63, LSB 0) and ONE Custom Drum Voice Bank (MSB 62, LSB 0).

To use Custom Voices on Tyros4, they MUST be INSTALLED (by using INDIVIDUAL LOAD or LIBRARY LOAD). When you only COPY .uvn/.uvd files to the Tyros4's hard disk (but not install these voice files), these voices can NOT be used!

BTW: On Tyros4 the installed Custom Voices can be selected in PRESET tab, but the Wave data of the Custom Voices are stored in the FLASH ROM Expansion module, when the voices are installed.

Best regards,

User Voices of either Preset or Custom Voices (and saved to User drive or internal hard disk) can NOT be accessed via MIDI, in principle!
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