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Genos Recording & Song Player / Re: Edit existing MIDI file
« Last post by Gunnar Jonny on Today at 01:53:55 PM »
Similiar topic here that may help to do the steps needed:,46742.msg368374.html#msg368374
Genos Recording & Song Player / Edit existing MIDI file
« Last post by Floodie on Today at 01:43:11 PM »
Genos - Multi Track Recording

I cannot seem to make changes to any MIDI file. I want to change the instrument of a track.
I start Midi Multi Recording. I open the MIDI file I want to edit. I click MENU and select MIXER. In Mixer, I change the instrument for a track. I exit Mixer and can see and hear the new instrument. I save the MIDI file. When I reopen it, no changes have been made.

What am I missing?
Genos - General / Re: Martin Harris settings
« Last post by DrakeM on Today at 01:07:25 PM »
I agree with Eileen, Martin is probably using onboard voices but ugawoga is also correct, there are a hundred of various voice settings using the same exact voice buried in your OTS (you got to run through all your styles). So, when you find a  cool sounding setup NOTE it somewhere on paper or copy it into a registration and save it.

Vali is sadly also correct, if Martin is cheating with some special voice set up, he won't tell you. He won't even tell you he is using a SPECIAL style that you can purchase from Yamaha online that is not on the keyboard. I have noticed that he (and everyone else that demos these keyboards) hardly ever plays the song all the way through. That's because only a hand full of the Preset styles are set up to do that. Also I have caught the demonstrators using midi backing tracks and when they are using one, they don't tell you they are using it (which is also available for purchase at the Yamaha online store. I have watched a couple videos where there are two of them demoing in which one plays the style and the other is playing the lead. Thus creating the same thing as playing along with a midi file.

There is a lot of gloss in the videos for sure.  ;)

Keep in mind these are pros playing just short pieces of music (which they have totally memorized) and have been playing for decades, not hundreds of current full songs filling a 3 to 4 hour gig.  ;D

Ya, pass the SAUSAGES this way !!

Tom is familiar with ableton live so I guess he spent 95% of his time equalizing/mixing  etc rather than finding chord sequences.

What leads you to this assumption?

The creative tasks interest me much more than doing mixer and EQ settings. Discovering new chord sequences and melodies, creating sounds, etc. This can also be done in Ableton. You're not necessarily a nerd or a technician when you work with this software. Creating chords and melodies with an arranger keyboard is just another approach that leads to different results. If you work in the office all day at the computer, you don't want to do that in your spare time. Not always, anyway 8) Hence my desire for an arranger keyboard.

This thread has grown quite a bit in the meantime and has caused some disturbance here and there. Sorry for that.
Genos - General / Re: Going to buy Genos next week
« Last post by BenoitM on Today at 11:44:13 AM »
We all have different views because we simply use the same keyboard in different ways, and its great, because it means that Yamaha has (partially) achieved its goal of widening its buyers base … And I don't consider myself as a 'Power User' of the Genos, I simply use feature described in the Manuals...

I disagree. I don't believe Yamaha are "conscientiously" leaving in bugs just to sell a Genos 2. If there are Genos bugs, I believe Yamaha will fix them. Genos has been out only a year, and we've already had 3 updates.

Concerning my thought about Yamaha conscientiously leaving bugs in the Genos, I know its seems to be a rather controversial statement, guided by feelings more than facts…
But the fact is that the latest Genos Firmware was released several months ago (April 2018), and there's still serious known bugs present today (DSP/Registration, KinoStrings), those bugs were reported many months ago (end of 2017 for the DSP Registration problem(s) , March 2018 for the Voices glitch…) … and Yamaha released several updates, each time ignoring those bugs…

I also believe Yamaha are moving to the Apple model where it's more profitable to provide free additional features to extend the life of a device. We've seen it with Montage, and, to some extent, we've already seen it with Genos. Since the initial release, Yamaha have added search features and Voice Guide.

If only it was true, it would be a very good move ... but nothing in the facts prove this at the time of writing this…
As I stated in another thread on this forum, yes Yamaha released several updates for the Genos, but the only 'major' features where either 'common sense' feature that should have been there since day 1 (ability to search in list, a very basic operation considering today's standard...) or features that are more 'part of the underlying OS - linux in the case of the Genos - ' than firmware specific : the Voice Guide feature - being a very welcome addition for visually impaired people - was probably added because the underlying OS has this capability builtin ... (yes, it is a half-feeling/half-fact statement  ;D )

Power users also don't seem to understand the tradeoffs all manufacturers have to make. Just because it's possible to do in software doesn't mean it makes economic sense.

I see the act of buying a good as a kind of 'contrat' between us (the buyers) and Yamaha (the manufacturer). I give a good amount of money to have a 'Flagship' keyboard that conforms to today's standard, and before buying it I read the Owner Manual and Reference Manual several times to ensure the it would fulfill my needs. In those manuals, one thing retained my attention more than the rest : the fact that we can freely assign the 28 DSPs to any part, and even have the possibility to assign multiple DSPs to the same part. In those manuals, several pages describe the 'DSP detailed parameters' editable possibility. And elsewhere, it describe the 'Registrations' as a feature that allows to store and retrieve the whole panel settings, including Voices, Styles, and so on…
So, based on this 'promises' I would find very legitimate that all those features are working the way they were designed for. That's  the 'Contract'. And nowadays, the Contract is not entirely fulfilled. That's facts.

Why should Yamaha dedicate time and effort to something that less than 1% of their customers would use, when they could dedicate the same amount to benefit 50% of their base?
This is what they did for the Voice Guide feature. They did it for two reasons :
1) Because it is seen a good thing that such a Big company add a 'free' feature for impaired people. This is what I call 'Communication' (even if it is a *really* welcome addition, I should have been here since day 1)
2) The time and effort for these feature was probably rather low (see my thought about Linux builtin capabilities… )

And if you take into account that Yamaha want to widen its buyer's base, they have to add features that will initially only be used by a small fraction of today's buyers, because those persons will spread the word about those new cool features… 1% could become much more in the future… (it could even attract Korg today's user … )

Power users would do themselves a big favor if they (1) showed how their request could be implemented without significant impact on the user base, and (2) how their request makes economic sense. Because if they don't do it, Yamaha will.
Sorry, but this is not how the world is working  ??? . We (customers) can (and *should* imho) communicate with Yamaha about what we like and what we don't about Yam products (provide feedback about 'real world usage'), but this is not our role to make a Business Plan for Yam  :P   
And, in the first place, Yamaha should allows us to communicate more easily with them (with an official 'bug feedback' forum for exemple) and more important , should communicate more clearly about all the reported problems ... a simple 'acknowledgment' would be a first step...
It would avoid all the current frustration.

Again, the Genos is a really good keyboard today, but it was supposed to be a new cycle, disrupting the Tyros line of product and adding significant new features... there's still hope for a new firmware, but please Yamaha: communicate !


ps: btw, it is great that we can discuss such things on this forum !  ;D
Hi Bob,
  Not quite sure of your Question but if you want to save each of the ten buttons in a registration bank so that each one has a different style then firstly make sure you have Style and Tempo ticked in memory button. Press the first button and load your style. Set up your voices and anything else such as Multi pads and pedal actions. Now save to that registration button. Do the same to the other buttons. When you are happy with it then save and Name the registration. Remember though that if you have used third party styles for this never move or delete them or the registration won't find them.
Genos Registrations & Playlist / Re: Registration glitch
« Last post by EileenL on Today at 11:31:49 AM »
I am sure that a lot of members can be put off of doing things by some of the answers they get. A simple question deserves a simple answer. If you load a registration and correctly press the first button in that registration but the style remains the same as the previous bank then the link has been broken. Usually because the style has been moved from its original place when saved to the bank. Relocate the style and re-save to the bank and then most importantly re-save the bank.
Genos - General / Re: Martin Harris settings
« Last post by ugawoga on Today at 11:26:37 AM »
There are a lot of voices already shaped a little better in the one touch buttons area
You can compare and then look in the voice structure and you work it out.
Also experiment with effects
luvvly Jubbly :)

also on some videos' you see the recordings are done professionally to appeal to the buyer, called gloss.
The same when you see an advert for something nice to eat. It always looks better that real life. :P

Then I say SAUSAGES!!!
Genos - General / Re: Martin Harris settings
« Last post by EileenL on Today at 11:14:16 AM »
Martin like all Yamaha demonstrators uses the keyboard just as it comes. It is his skill in playing it that makes the difference and knowing its capabilities. That is what you hear. No mystery there.
Yamaha Keyboards - General / Re: New MODX Synths
« Last post by svpworld on Today at 09:41:43 AM »
Likewise when I bought my Yamaha Genos I traded in my Korg Kronos and Yamaha Montage.  I don't miss the Kronos but I did miss the FM engine of the Montage, so when the MODX came out and I saw the specs it seemed the perfect excuse to regain the sounds of the Montage but in a more affordable package.  I ended up getting the MODX6 and whilst it does share quite a few AWM sounds of the Genos, it's a different beast and has so much more in the synth department.  Infact it goes really nicely with the Genos as of course the MODX isn't a workstation and is a lot deeper than Genos.  I am now using Genos as my songwriting and main keyboard for constructing songs, providing inspiring band like accompaniments and recording with its pro quality FSX aftertouch keyboard. I've got the MODX midi'd up to Genos as well as my DAW so I can play the MODX sounds from the Genos keys with aftertouch (the MODX keys don't respond to aftertouch but the sound engine does).  I really do love the MODX keybed though, it's light and relaxing to play and despite the cost cutting it responds and feels really good.  The MODX is basically a Montage but in a lighter box with less flashing lights!  I don't miss any of the additional features that were on the Montage and those FM-X sounds are just so dynamic and enjoyable to play. Once you play a sampled FM piano on Genos and then the FM version on MODX you can really feel the difference, FM is just so expressive and crisp.  So despite many similarities with those Motif/Montage like AWM sounds, I feel that MODX is a perfect partner to Genos. Best of both worlds, fabulous acoustic sounds and now amazing evolving synth sounds!

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