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PSR-E Series / Re: Finally decided for a PSR E433 (again)
« Last post by pquenin on Today at 12:48:08 PM »
@Vinciane : I feel good with the PSR-S670 ! I have a modulation wheel now and great distorded guitar sounds, so I am happy. You can load tons of external styles, songs or sounds directly from the USB stick, without to load them to the internal memory first. Most of the styles available on PSR tutorial are working well with the PSR-S670 and you have access to the 3 intros, 4 variations, break and 3 endings. The 4 pads are great too to add some variations. You can easily edit the styles and sounds. You can display song's lyrics and notation... Well it's great !
The drawback is that the possibilities are endless and I need some king of limitations to be productive.
The PSR-E453 was great too, sometime I play with it again at the local store, it sounds "different" and you end up with others ideas...
Forum Comments and Suggestions / Re: What happened to Jörgen Sörensen?
« Last post by Ernie on Today at 12:28:14 PM »
Hi Jørgen,

Sorry for your loss.

Forum Comments and Suggestions / Re: What happened to Jörgen Sörensen?
« Last post by Rick D. on Today at 12:25:06 PM »

Sorry to hear about the loss of your wife. 

You have my deepest condolenses.

Rick D.
Forum Comments and Suggestions / Re: What happened to Jörgen Sörensen?
« Last post by erbis on Today at 12:07:43 PM »
Hi Jørgen
My late condolences.
How good it is that there are such talented people in the world as you, Jørgen.
Low bows and greetings.
Hej  Jorgen,

Condolences on the loss of your wife.
You do deserve a big break . 
Sorry my danish really has lagged  jeg er ked af.

Forum Comments and Suggestions / Re: What happened to Jörgen Sörensen?
« Last post by Jørgen on Today at 10:57:44 AM »
Hi Jan

Thank you for your kind words and the donation.

I have actually mailed you a "Thank You" mail twice at ???

Maybe my mails are in your spam folder... ???

I have not been much active in the forum lately... I know.

My wife passed away in February, and I have a lot of other things to handle...

But I am "fine" and I will be back... and as you notice, I still follow the forum...

Genos - General / UpperOctave & Choir Pack
« Last post by Keyboardister on Today at 09:55:19 AM »
I just got my Genos a week ago and it's a big step from the T5, takes some learning :)

I still have a few questions: Is it possible to see the UpperOctave value on screen? I cant seem to be able to assign it anywhere
so I never really know whether it's on or off.

As for the choir pack, there's an "Adiemus" style named 90snewage something, and there's a particular voice on OTS3 that is supposed to make the AHH OOH AHH sounds on the chorus with the
modulation wheel, it worked great with the T5 cuz u could just leave the wheel up and then pull it down whenever u need this effect but with the joystick its not possible to do that unless Yamaha
changes the voice so that it will do the AHHH sound. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? thanks!
Genos - General / Genos newbie
« Last post by emmaco on Today at 08:25:36 AM »
Hi everybody,

Glad to see you -finally- after 6 months to read all your post about the... Genos...

First of all, sorry for my english, but we, french people, are usually not very good. We'll have to carry that weight a long time... ;D

I was searching in mid september a substitute for my Motif XS7 ans it's tatty keyboard. Then, on a french forum, I heard about the Genos... What's that ? :o
"It's presented as the new TOTL Yamaha", they said, and since that time, my mind is set on Genos... I thought it was the Graal... Motif XS + Montage + Tyros...

After the disappointment, came the astonishment. What sound !... :o

I read the manual dozens of time, saw everything on the Net about it, and I didn't know what to buy... Montage ? Kronos ? Wait for the next Montage, the Genos ?

Well, I bought it last week (the Genos ;)) and I must say waouh !... :o it's been a long time since I was so impressed by a keyboard...even it's the first time of my life I play an arrangeur...
This keyboard is a real union breaker !... ;D I got up at 5am this morning to play...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help trough this forum.
Or maybe I should damn you because you put indirectly this machine in my house !... ;D

And my life has changed in oh so many ways... (Thanks to St John who learned me english better than school.. ;)

It's incredible, but i think I'im in love with my keyboard... 8)
With the help of my Presonus Eris 8, the sounds are FABULOUS !...Never heard this quality before :o .

It will take me a long long time to tame this keyboard, but the possibilities seem endless.
the sounds has taken a giant step since my XS Motif. Unbelievable.

One thing I regret, is that you can't include fingering mode's choice in your registrations. But maybe I'm wrong, I have the Genos for only 8 days.
Bad thing Genos can't accept AIFF format for MultiPads (I'm a Mac user).

Have a good day... unless it's night at home for you ;)


Genos - General / Re: The Factory Reset may help if you have problems
« Last post by jwyvern on Today at 07:50:37 AM »
Hi Kaarlo,
Have you double checked the version of the operating system that is actually in your Genos, regardless of any software updates you might have done?
Go to Menu /Utility /System and see Version on the top line.
See if it says 1.3,
Genos - General / Re: Auditioned Genos -S970 Registrations won't work.
« Last post by DonM on Today at 06:52:19 AM »
Thanks Paul,
If I ever change my mind and get a Genos, I'll remember that.  Actually when I get a brand new arranger, I like to start from scratch with everything, so I am sure not to overlook any new styles or sounds.  Since I was just trying this one out, I thought it would be good to see how my regs sounded in it.
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