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Genos Registrations & Playlist / Re: Registration glitch
« Last post by EileenL on Today at 11:31:49 AM »
I am sure that a lot of members can be put off of doing things by some of the answers they get. A simple question deserves a simple answer. If you load a registration and correctly press the first button in that registration but the style remains the same as the previous bank then the link has been broken. Usually because the style has been moved from its original place when saved to the bank. Relocate the style and re-save to the bank and then most importantly re-save the bank.
Genos - General / Re: Martin Harris settings
« Last post by ugawoga on Today at 11:26:37 AM »
There are a lot of voices already shaped a little better in the one touch buttons area
You can compare and then look in the voice structure and you work it out.
Also experiment with effects
luvvly Jubbly :)

also on some videos' you see the recordings are done professionally to appeal to the buyer, called gloss.
The same when you see an advert for something nice to eat. It always looks better that real life. :P

Then I say SAUSAGES!!!
Genos - General / Re: Martin Harris settings
« Last post by EileenL on Today at 11:14:16 AM »
Martin like all Yamaha demonstrators uses the keyboard just as it comes. It is his skill in playing it that makes the difference and knowing its capabilities. That is what you hear. No mystery there.
Yamaha Keyboards - General / Re: New MODX Synths
« Last post by svpworld on Today at 09:41:43 AM »
Likewise when I bought my Yamaha Genos I traded in my Korg Kronos and Yamaha Montage.  I don't miss the Kronos but I did miss the FM engine of the Montage, so when the MODX came out and I saw the specs it seemed the perfect excuse to regain the sounds of the Montage but in a more affordable package.  I ended up getting the MODX6 and whilst it does share quite a few AWM sounds of the Genos, it's a different beast and has so much more in the synth department.  Infact it goes really nicely with the Genos as of course the MODX isn't a workstation and is a lot deeper than Genos.  I am now using Genos as my songwriting and main keyboard for constructing songs, providing inspiring band like accompaniments and recording with its pro quality FSX aftertouch keyboard. I've got the MODX midi'd up to Genos as well as my DAW so I can play the MODX sounds from the Genos keys with aftertouch (the MODX keys don't respond to aftertouch but the sound engine does).  I really do love the MODX keybed though, it's light and relaxing to play and despite the cost cutting it responds and feels really good.  The MODX is basically a Montage but in a lighter box with less flashing lights!  I don't miss any of the additional features that were on the Montage and those FM-X sounds are just so dynamic and enjoyable to play. Once you play a sampled FM piano on Genos and then the FM version on MODX you can really feel the difference, FM is just so expressive and crisp.  So despite many similarities with those Motif/Montage like AWM sounds, I feel that MODX is a perfect partner to Genos. Best of both worlds, fabulous acoustic sounds and now amazing evolving synth sounds!

Genos Voices & Revo Drums / Re: Piano sound
« Last post by BenoitM on Today at 08:25:42 AM »
I, too, find that the CFX and C7 pianos are really 'thin' , it was a disappointment for me, as it was a big selling point of the Genos (but, hey, as someone else said "Marketing is all about selling the weakest point as the strongest one")

In a mix, they do their job, but when played alone they lack depth, resonance and richness. I tried to tweak them a little bit, adding some sustain, playing with the DSPs, but ironically I found the 'Grand Piano' in the 'Legacy' section more convincing ...  :o

A lot of things were already said about the 'thin' piano sounds of the Genos - I won't repeat them here, just seach in this forum - but the Montage got a new Bosendorfer Piano sound available to purchase (it is even free for MODX owners !). Will Yamaha make a Genos version ? Probably NOT.

The Montage received several Firmware update, some of them added major enhancement : the 2.5 version added a lot of new sounds : the entire Motif line sounds being one of them, they even added new effects ... , in contrast the Genos received some firmware update , mainly to correct lots of bugs, but not really adding major features (except 'Audio multi recording' in v1.10 and  'Voice Guide' in v1.30 which is really great for visually impaired people, but the Genos OS being at its core a Linux kernel, I guess that Yamaha did not have to create something really new and specific to support this functionalty - only my guess, not a fact -   ) the search feature is what I consider to be the biggest 'new feature' added by a Firmware Update on the Genos... A nice thing, but not a game changer...

There's still several bugs left uncorrected (again, I won't repeat them here) , and there were no update since April 2018... I still hope for a new Firmware, but my hope fades as time passes… Wait & see...
How did you get the key click with the Electro-Harmonix Lester K?

It was already there. The Lester just brought it out! Now, it's not adjustable or anything, but it was sure a nice surprise!
I know the above question was rhetorical, but I'll answer anyway. 

I believe you misunderstood me. I'm talking about the technology in a $200 effect pedal for Leslie simulation, not Hammond organ sound generation. They already include a Leslie rotary effect in the Genos, so the argument about whether or not to have it there is over. The question is, why does it have to suck compared to really inexpensive tech already on the market? :)
Genos Voices & Revo Drums / Re: Piano sound
« Last post by 2112 on Today at 02:19:50 AM »
What do you exactly mean by "little thin?"

What happens if you use your speakers to play the sound from a known good piano synthesizer like Pianoteq 6 Free Demo version?

QSC K12 are sound reinforcement speakers with Class D amplifier. They aren't meant to sound good, they meant to sound loud and be able to take lots of abuse. It certainly isn't a HiFi equipment.
Your opinion and everyone else's opinion and experience matters to me and make me see things from another prospective which i might haven't thought.

Hi Panos -- That spirit comes through in your posts. We all learn from you, too. Thanks! -- pj
Genos Voices & Revo Drums / Re: Turned My Genos Into A Tonewheel Organ Beast!
« Last post by gerard on Yesterday at 11:50:24 PM »
How did you get the key click with the Electro-Harmonix Lester K?

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